Patriots Go In The Red By At Least 250 Stacks With Hernandez Jersey Swap

Reports show the Patriots losing a minimum of $250,000 for their Aaron Hernandez jersey swap over the weekend. Fans who had purchased a Hernandez jersey from the team's website were eligible for a trade-in of a different jersey of the same value. 

That brought out 2,500 people at the Patriots Pro Show, and that's just what we know about. A significant amount of exchanges were for youth-sized jerseys, which actually says a lot even if we already knew athletes' influence on children. 

The Patriots are being commended for recognizing this as an issue to identify, but also because they stood to lose money in this gesture that wasn't 100 percent necessary. Who knows if $250,000 is really what the Pats lost in this? They get credit for the gesture. 

It was interesting to see that Vince Wilfork reportedly had the highest requested jersey in the exchange, with Tom Brady coming in as a close second. 

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