‘I Don’t Wish It On My Worst Enemy’: Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Addresses Social Media Hate Toward Her Family and Being ‘Jealous’ Of Friends’ Normal Lives

Patrick Mahomes has become an NFL legend. With three Super Bowl rings and two league MVP awards, he’s the undisputed best football player on the planet right now. 

While the money is rolling in via the $450M deal he signed in 2020 and numerous endorsements, life hasn’t been easy street when it comes to his family’s portrayal in the media, and the social media narratives surrounding Mahomes’ brother Jackson, wife Brittany and his dad Patrick Mahomes Sr., a former MLB pitcher.  

Mahomes’ meteoric rise, replacing Tom Brady as the face of the league, has taken its toll on his family and put them in the spotlight. 

We rarely hear about Patrick’s mother Randi Martin, who recently opened up about the downside of her son’s fame.

Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Speaks to Darkside Of Son’s Fame

While Patrick is rarely the target of the social media venom that has been directed at the rest of his family, Randi said she has been moved to tears whenever she thinks about “hate” directed at the Mahomes family.

“As much as I say we’re blessed and Patrick’s living his dream, it has been the hardest seven years of my adult life,” Randi said during an appearance on “The Mom Game Podcast.” 

“It’s been really hard to juggle … being proud of him and the hate that you get and the kids get. I can’t even explain how hard it’s been. I’ve cried a lot. I struggle with it,” Randi reveals.

Patrick’s wife and high school sweetheart Brittany Mahomes has made headlines in recent years for being the mother of Mahomes’ two children. She has 1.9 illion followers on IG and is known as a workout buff. They share a daughter named Sterling Skye Mahomes, born on Feb. 20, 2021, and a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, born on Nov. 28, 2022.

Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany share two child, daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes and a younger child, son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III. (Photo: @brittanylynne/Instagram)

Brittany has been vocal on social media; often defending her family from narratives and lies they circulate on the social media mosh pit. She was also prominently featured in Netflix’s docuseries “Quarterback” and recently did a Sports Illustrated spread which drew mixed reactions on social media. 

Mahomes’ brother Jackson rose to fame a few years ago because of his weekly TikTok dances that he did at every NFL stadium his brother played at. His first controversial moment came when he danced on the memorial logo of former Washington Commanders (formerly known as the Redskins) legend Sean Taylor. 

Then in February 2023, Jackson got in some heat with a restaurant owner who accused him of allegedly grabbing her by the throat, forcing her head back and allegedly kissing her three times without her consent. 

Patrick refused to comment on the situation, but it was definitely not something he needed coming off the first of his back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Social media of course had a ball with the news, making Jackson the target of memes and vicious accusations. 

Mahomes Sr.’s patented cigar and jovial, high-energy one-liners became a thing during Mahomes’ last two Super Bowl runs. Unfortunately, Mahomes Sr.’s newfound fame also thrust his alcohol problems into the limelight. 

“So much hate to me and my children.”

Being at the center of the most watched sport in America is no easy task. Having family members or a spouse who also desires the spotlight in some way can cause some backlash and jealousy, especially on social media. If Patrick does have any stress, it comes from the constant attention his family members have embraced. The social media backlash is often a product of that. 

“After we won the Super Bowl a couple years ago, I kind of went back, and I was just looking through social media trying to fall asleep,” Randi said. “And I would look, and someone would give me so much hate to me and to my children — all three of them. And I’m like, I would look at their social media and I would be like this is a beautiful All-American family. Why would this mom or dad reach out to say this?” Randi said. 

Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Misses Normal Family Life

In addition to the negative social media comments, Randi says she doesn’t like the way Patrick’s fame has altered their normal family life. Outings as a family slowly became nonexistent. 

“We just want to be normal and go and have dinner. We don’t do that. At my work, it’s really hard because 90% of my phone calls aren’t about work. I still go to work and want to live normal,” Randi said.

“I look at some of my friends on social media, and I’m jealous that they have this normal [life]. Their kids are the same age as Patrick and Jackson, and they have this normal situation, and we don’t. It’s super difficult.”

Randi, who divorced from Patrick Mahomes Sr. in 2006, suggested Patrick II could retire sooner rather than later if his football career in some way becomes detrimental to his family’s well-being. 

“I hear him, you know, make comments like, ‘If the game takes away from my kids, I might not play as long as Tom Brady,’ and I’m like, I’m so proud of him for that,” she said. Mahomes was drafted in 2017 and has spent all seven of his NFL seasons with the Chiefs.

Spoken like the words of a true matriarch of the family. The Mahomes family has elevated to iconic status in America, and they will continue to be hounded by the media and discussed on socials, particularly during the NFL season.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce To The Rescue

Thanks to Taylor Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, the overall attention Mahomes’ family was getting shifted this past season into the Super Bowl as the relationship between the pop icon and legendary tight end became the center of the NFL world and all discussion surrounding it. 

Clearly, social media is affecting Mahomes’ mom. Maybe she needs to just not read the comments, because people are cruel, and they say anything on that apparatus. The entire culture is designed to lift up or tear down on any given Sunday. 

“I don’t wish it on even my worst enemy. I have said I don’t wish it on anyone because, as a mother, you don’t want to read or see things about your children, especially when you know it’s not true.”

When your family is at the center of the sports universe for 20 weekends out of the year and then discussed on millions of platforms all across the world during the week, people are going to have a comment about you and your family that will seem cold and callous.  

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