Social Media Viciously Attacks Patrick Mahomes’ Little Brother Jackson For Doing TikTok On Memorial Of WFT Legend Sean Taylor

Patrick Mahomes’ little brother Jackson has become a huge TikTok star. He often entertains his followers with dances in various elite venues, giving them glimpses into his life as the sibling of the NFL’s best quarterback. 

Jackson forgot where he was on Sunday when he decided to step over a chain-link fence and record a TikTok while standing on the Sean Taylor memorial following K.C.’s 31-13 drubbing of the Washington Football Team.



The Washington Football team got steamrolled on the day the jersey of a beloved former player was retired. Taylor was murdered in a home invasion 14 years ago, just as he was ascending to all-time great heights as an NFL safety. The All-Pro was shot in the upper thigh, severing his femoral artery, and he bled to death. 

Why Now? | WFT Announces Retirement Of The Late Sean Taylor’s Jersey Amidst Franchise Chaos


In the mdist of scandal and an NFL investigation into the toxic culture of the franchise, team executives thought it was a good idea to make Taylor the third jersey restored in WFT history. Some called it a desperate and disingenuous attempt at spinning the narrative and distracting people from all of the negative publicity. 

Either way, Taylor was a well-respected player and he holds a special place the hearts of WFT fans.

Some of the posts got downright disrespectful, and the energy toward Jackson Mahomes and Pat’s wife Brittany bordered on hateful. 




Jackson Mahomes didn’t intentionally disprespect Taylor’s memorial, but he was somewhat oblivious to the moment, and that’s kind of odd considering he attends games often and seems to be in touch with the NFL scene outside of his brother’s accolades. 


Honest mistake. Jackson comes from a great family and he seems to be a very sincere and caring person.

He also apologized once he realized the gravity of his TikTok location.

Not everyone was accepting of the apology but it does avoid any extra incentive for NFL teams to want to pursue his brother any more viciously than they already do on the football field.


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