Brittany Mahomes Says She Has Bodyguard Detail Because ‘I Trust Nobody And The World Is Crazy’

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and wife Brittany Mahomes have become a sort of power couple over the last few years. With Patrick becoming the best quarterback in the NFL and winning two Super Bowls, two Super Bowl MVPs and two NFL MVPs, it helped thrust Brittany into the limelight. Based on Brittany’s growing portfolio, the certified personal trainer, who once played soccer professionally in Europe, became the co-owner of the Kansas City Current of the National Women’s Soccer League. 

With Patrick’s successful NFL career and Brittany’s success in her endeavors, it’s put  them in a different light, one that requires them to move a little differently. 

During a recent Q&A session on Instagram, Brittany was asked about her family’s privacy and how they keep it she had no problem saying that they have bodyguards. 

“I trust nobody and this world is crazy.”

“We truly don’t like attention and would like to live our lives in peace and privacy.”

That’s easier said than done when your husband is the best player in the entire NFL. Of course she wants that, but it’s just not plausible. 

Mahomes Reiterates Things She Said In 2020

Back in 2020, before the two were married, Brittany did a Q&A on Instagram where she answered questions similar to those in Saturday’s session. Then she was asked about doing a house tour and if she and Patrick owned their home together. 

“This is both of our house, but I will probably never do a house tour of any house that we own. Just for security purposes and privacy purposes.”

Mahomes said they’ll be no “MTV Cribs”-like situation going on in the Mahomes household, as even then she had trepidation about security and the family’s privacy or lack thereof. Now with two little girls to fend for she’s not taking any chances going forward.

Did Brittany Mahomes Bring Some Of The Uneasiness On Herself? 

While Mahomes has simmered down a bit following the birth of her and Patrick’s two children, she also created a not-too-pleasant aura at times among fans for some of her past actions. None more obvious than the 2022 AFC divisional playoff win over the Buffalo Bills where she sprayed champagne all over fans from her suite. The move didn’t go over too well as she caught plenty of fan and media backlash for her actions. 

The backlash caused Mahomes to tweet out this the next day. 

“I just wish I could do what I want weekly without being attacked.”

That was just the tip of the iceberg with this story, but Mahomes did bring it on herself. Throw in how she and Patrick Mahomes’ little brother Jackson Mahomes have acted in the past, and that definitely plays a role in why she doesn’t feel safe in public settings. 

In essence, she’s made the bodyguard detail she keeps and travels with much needed. 

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