OutKast Will Reunite For Coachella 2014

    The hip-hop world has obliged OutKast in holding their breath for this moment, but word of a reunion is finally looking legitimate. Though neither Coachella nor OutKast confirmed initial reports, it appears the almighty ATLiens will end their six-year hiatus and return to the stage, likely to headline the event. 

    This isn't like a Snoop and Dre one hitta quitta, though. Big Boi and Andre are also in talks for a nationwide tour, celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. 

    Now, before you fully exhale, know that there aren't any plans for an album…yet. Andre 3000 alluded to a solo album coming in 2014, but Andre 3000 rumors have been floating around like Rajon Rondo trade rumors. If 3 Stacks does hit the studio though, it's hard not to envision Big Boi joining him.

    But for now, all we have is a faint promise of a show and a tour. Hopefully that's enough to save the hip-hop community from asphyxiation.