Opinion: Does Kanye West Bipolarism Make MAGA Sense?

When Kanye West dropped his Ye album last week, it was the second in a series of bite-sized albums from him and his G.O.O.D. Music camp. Set off by the release of Pusha T’s instant classic DAYTONA, the album fulfilled a strategic promise to release projects from the label’s roster once a week believed to all be helmed by Mr. West himself.

Kanye is one of the most polarizing personalities in the world due to his constant evolution, realization, and regurgitation of his interpretations of his experiences. That was a mouthful, but extremely true and it is also why we tune in to the musical prodigy time and time again for the off-kilter entertainment value he provides the game unintentionally.

“Slavery Is A Choice” Kanye West FULL Interview on TMZ Live

The full interview of Kanye West on TMZ Live with Harvey Levin where he made the controversial comment that slavery is a choice.

Still, Kanye’s words and actions have been pretty shocking lately with his support for Donald Trump being higher than ever including a bright red Make America Great Again hat to complete the loyalty. Many celebrities have come out in the past to state their past relationship with Donald Trump due to the entertainment and casino businesses he has been in. The two most outspoken thus far have been Don King, who showed his true Uncle Ruckus and Kanye West who was spotted in the uber-controversial MAGA hat with rap music executive Lyor Cohen.

Thanks to Issa Rae, the delegation for educated but awkward black womanhood spoke loud at the CFDA Awards when delivering an opening monologue that skewered Kanye West and his recent comments calling slavery a “choice.” Needless to say, Pusha T’s hold over women of color’s life soundtrack is firmly in place after the shade.

Im about as fashionable as Kanye is black. Only when its convenient,” she said. “That joke was my choice, just like slavery.

However, amid the bi-polar revelations that shed light on West’s perceived mania, there was an interesting tidbit of insight that he imparted. On DAYTONA, Pusha T and Ye wax poetic about the power of difficult choice on What Would Meek Do. In the song Ye says:

If you ain’t drivin’ while Black, do they stop you?
Will MAGA hats let me slide like a drive-thru?

Collectively, this might not have turned your head especially if you’ve felt that Kanye is the new Milo Yiannopoulos but when dissected on its own you must wonder about the statement. When coaligned with the bars immediately preceding it, Kanye’s bait and switch become a bit clearer:

 I be thinkin’, what would 2Pac do?
You be thinkin’ what New Kids on the Block do

This article is not in defense of Kanye West’s new outlook on life post The Graduation album and realizing the Illuminati is just white wealth doing what it also has done, stay exclusive. No, this is just to break down the newest bi-polar rock & roller and glean any gems from one of the most debated pop culture icons on the planet. Imagine being pulled over while black and the shock and awe any detaining officer would grapple with if a MAGA hat wearing black person greeted them with their license and registration.

The ensuing confusion could be so great that it could quite literally diffuse a potentially lethal police encounter. Also, Yes reference to Tupac signals revolutionary thought and action in deference to the dumbed-down culture that todays present stars represent.

Okay, so it will be far-fetched for the multitudes of people that Kanye has let down with his new outlook on life to suddenly don MAGA hats following his lead. Plus the Get Out movie comparisons would be all too prevalent if an entire population of black folks started wearing MAGA hats. Still, it must be conceded that the thin line between genius and crazy is more paper mache flimsy than construction thick and there has been too much damage via Wests trolling, exposing internal conversations with his peers, and his political and historical viewpoints for people to pick up on these lines.

However, if Kanye is bold enough to label his bi-polar actions as superpowers he definitely is living his contradictory truth to the fullest by being covert in his Trump affiliation if he is executing a Spook Who Sat By The Door mentality with the MAGA hat and Trump affiliation. With Kim Kardashian recently hitting The White House to talk prison reform with Trump something is definitely cooking between the house that Ye built and the cream colored one Trump now lives in. 

Is animus towards anything related to Trump making the rest of us miss the true strategy behind the new Kanye West? The jury is still out and seething.

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