“Nobody In My Family Ever Will Vote Democrat Again” | Donald Trump Flips Lawrence Taylor at Rally Where Former President Calls Joe Biden “Total Moron”

Lawrence Taylor has been a Democrat all of his life, but the New York Giants legend has had a change of heart once meeting Donald Trump, and expressed how the former President changed his life while attending a campaign rally for Trump in Wildwood Beach, New Jersey, on May 11. 

Taylor and former running back Ottis Anderson, two prominent players in the annals of New York Giants championship glory, took the stage and addressed the crowd. 

“I grew up a Democrat, and I’ve always been a Democrat, until I met this man right here, “ the greatest defensive force in NFL history said, referring to Trump. “Nobody in my family ever will vote Democrat again.” 

Trump Is Flipping Legendary Democrat Commits

The crowd of course erupted, and quiet as kept, Trump is flipping more Democrat commits than Deion Sanders. 

Bringing in these Giants legends, who paved their legacy in New Jersey at Giants Stadium (now MetLife) and still hold considerable weight among 40-and-over Giants fans who long for the days of dominating defenses and Super Bowl glory, is a power move that, according to Fox News, is influenced by the many voters in attendance who believe Trump could flip the state of New Jersey. 

It’s scary that people are ignoring the legal scandal Trump has been fighting for years now, while trying to convince America that he’s the man who should be deciding the fate of our nation. 

It seems more and more Democrats are willing to raise the Trump flag, denounce their former party and join in the circus. People are frustrated and expressing it by riding with Trump. 

Lawrence Taylor WAs A Lifelong Democrat

Taylor is a great flip for Trump. There’s no more respected or feared NFL defender walking the earth than LT. When he was dismantling offenses and making legendary plays for Big Blue enroute to two Super Bowl championships, Taylor became a 10-time Pro Bowl selection, 10-time First-Team All Pro and won three NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards.

His personal mishaps stemming from drug addiction that dates back to his playing days are also well-documented and he’s since straightened his life out and is still a revered legend in the history of the NFL and Tri-State area sports. 

Donald Trump Calls Joe Biden A “Total Moron”

Trump is drawing on any energy he can find to gain any edge in the upcoming elections. He was his typical uninhibited self when addressing the reported 100,000 in attendance. Always more like a WWE match than an actual political rally. Trump wore his familiar blue suit, red tie and “Make America Great Again” cap as he went on about inflation, electric cars and the like. 

Then he got to current President Joe Biden: 

“You could take the 10 worst presidents in the history of our country, and add them up .. and they haven’t done the damage to our country that this total moron has done,” Trump, 77, said while the crowd went nuts.

Who will be the next legend to get flipped by Trump? The list is getting longer and cutting into the heart of the city, as LT is the latest to go MAGA.

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