Ex-NBA Player Royce White Has ‘Trump Won!’ Written On His Head, Displayed At Big 3 Game

Ex-NBA player turned radical right winger Royce White had the phrase “Trump Won!” written on the side of his shaved head. This is a common phrase uttered by right wing conspiracy theorists regarding the 2020 Presidential Election. White plays in Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league for the Power team.

White Traffics In Conspiracy Theories

We don’t need to entertain nonsensical theories. The 2020 election wasn’t stolen from Donald Trump or his MAGA followers. Their rhetoric and actions, including the storming of the U.S. Capitol, is just further evidence of the deranged and unhinged level to which this country’s political system has devolved.

As for White, he ran a failed congressional campaign seeking the Republican nomination for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district in 2022. He has adopted far-right conspiracy theories on the origins of COVID-19 as well as Satanic influences controlling the government.

Not A Serious Person

He was a guest on Steve Bannon’s show on Monday spouting misogyny and conspiracy theories. Bannon, the former aide to Trump, was convicted of contempt of Congress earlier this year for failing to comply with a subpoena issued by the Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

“Well, look, let’s just be frank. Women have become too mouthy. As the Black man in the room,” said White, “I’ll say that I don’t know whether we’re talking white men or Asian men or Black men or so on and so forth. But no, I mean, I’m serious. And, I mean there — and there was, and the thing that is scary about it — and will I say this…

“But, what I’ll say is, you know, you take an operation like the Rockefeller Foundation and their grassroots fundamental support and sponsorship of the early women’s rights movement and their involvement with the inception of the Federal Reserve and the ability of the Federal Reserve to tax the American working class twice with the insertion of women into the workplace. Now, I know we could look at WWII and say, ‘Hey, women had to step into the workplace because of the war.’ But when you look at the inception of the war, there might have been an economic incentive there as well.”

Do these sound like the coherent thoughts of a person that should be taken seriously?

White, like his fellow ex-NBA peer Enes Kanter has become a political tool for the right. Both men blast the NBA and its primarily Black player base, which stokes conservative and far-right fire. It’s an old and tired play.

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