Open Letter To Jerry Jones & Cowboys Nation: Time For A Change

I have been a Dallas Cowboys fan for 32 years, ever since I started playing little league football for a team in Detroit by the name of the Eastside Cowboys. 

I endured 1-15 in Jimmy Johnson’s first season in 1989, which was also Ed “Too Tall” Jones’ final season. That same season was the Hershel Walker (Great Train Robbery) trade that changed everything, but not before the Detroit Lions smoked the Cowboys in the Silverdome and the next day the newspaper headlines read: “Team of The 90s” — and they weren’t talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys went on to win three of the next four Super Bowls (‘93, ‘94 and ‘96) with two head coaches. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was a Deion Sanders fan even though he played on the rival 49ers prior to him coming to the Cowboys in the ‘95 season. I vividly remember the infamous “No Call”… the pass interference that was never called on Sanders against us in the 1994 NFC Championship Game loss.  

Then we got Deion the next season and it was all forgiven of course.  

A Quarter Century Of Heartache

Jones’ thirst for total control first reared its ugly head when the opinionated Johnson was replaced after winning back-to-back Super Bowls by legendary Oklahoma Sooners coach Barry Switzer, a company guy.

But since then, the Dallas Cowboys have endured pain and suffering more like Los Angeles Clippers or Detroit Lions fans. Or even a Chicago Cubs fan before they broke a 108-year World Series drought in 2016. 

How do you go from total domination and one play away from winning four Super Bowls in a row, to 25 years later being nothing more than a very expensive football team (kind of like the New York Knicks)

James Dolan and Jerry Jones are like twin brothers, can’t get right. Jones just apologize to a radio host for telling him to “shut up” during a live interview.  I mean, it’s all falling apart at the seams.

What does this Tweet even mean? Jerry is always talking greasy regardless of the circumstances.

Dak is out. The defense is abominable. 

The Cowboys have become the laughing stock of pro sports. The never-ending joke. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith makes a mockery out of the Cowboys for a living every time they lose. The Cowboys are part of all the jokes and trolling that goes on every Monday. 

Monday morning is like “Clown The Cowboys Monday” now. As a diehard Cowboys fan, it’s my duty to say that something needs to change. We’ve blamed everybody from Bill Parcells being too old to Tony Romo to the offensive line to putting Terrell Owens on the team after he disrespected the star. He should have never been a Cowboy in the first place.

How can we fix this? 

Obviously, the Patriots have taken over as America’s team after winning six Super Bowls and wearing the colors of the Red, White and Blue

Dallas Cowboys Fans Laugh To Keep From Crying

Maybe we need to get rid of AT&T and go to Verizon and call Dallas’ grand stadium T-Mobile Stadium. Maybe we are getting a bad signal and our phones aren’t ringing because I keep saying to myself, “Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?” Because all I can remember is that we keep losing. 

Can Someone please save us from this disaster? I can’t take another second listening to Stephen A. Smith humiliate my boys every Monday after we lose. 

It’s sickening. It’s painful. It hurts. 

Now I know what it means to be Clipper Darrell and support a losing franchise. Because we stick our chest out like we are America’s team when we are nothing but the losing team right now. 

Please pray for me. Because right now the Dallas Cowboys are basura, terrible, overrated, finished, fake news, the laughing stock of all of sports, and it’s all because one businessman wants full control and his pride has gotten in the way of the best franchise in the world. 

Somebody, please save me. 


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