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“A Date With Giselle And I’m In’| Tony Romo Suggested That Tom Brady Pimp...

On the same day that Tom Brady became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw 600 career TDs in a 38-3 thrashing of...

Tony Romo Says Kaepernick Has Too Much Star Power For A Backup


Tony Romo was one of the charismatic faces of the NFL and a captivating star when he played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys from 2006 until his retirement this offseason. With his playing days behind him, Romo has

Tony Romo Retiring From NFL To Become Broadcaster: Report


In a move that will come as a shock to many football fans, quarterback Tony Romo will be retiring on Tuesday to pursue a career in broadcasting according to ESPN.

Tony Romo Era In Dallas Ends Today 


Now that the Tony Romo Era in Dallas is officially a Reynold's, Romo is supposedly preparing for a team tour to shop his services, similar to the one Peyton Manning enjoyed when he returned from neck surgery in 2012.

No quarterback in NFL his

Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo sidelined with collarbone injury


The Dallas Cowboys have become America's unluckiest team. First Dez Bryant, now Tony Romo. Injuries continue to decimate the 'boys and their hopes for a playoff spot despite a 2-0 record.

Good Morning: Tony Romo Should Ask Damian Lillard For Clutch Tips


Damian Lillard didn't have a strong game by his high standards, but scored eight points in OT to carry the Blazers over the Pistons, including the

Good Morning: Tony Romo Continues Setting Records in November


Tony Romo set a record for touchdown passes on Thanksgiving with his 18th score on Turkey Day, leading the Dallas Cowboys over the Oakland Raiders 31-24. Of cours

Tony Romo Is The NFL’s Heartbreak Kid


If you didn’t think Tony Romo had one more heartbreak to handout on Sunday afternoon, then you were probably born yesterday. The rest of us have been jaded by experience.

The weight of the moment is analogous to the Romo we see. Sweat

While You Were Working: Tony Romo Says He’ll Miss Cowboys Mini-Camp


Tony Romo is skipping Cowboys mini-camp for precautionary reasons related to surgery. Romo says he should be available for training camp in July.