OnlyFans Model Claims She Slept With Four NFL Players From Two Teams In Seven Days | Can’t Knock The Hustle?

The internet has evolved into a landscape where the most outlandish stories of formerly underground culture are now on a platform for the world to discuss. So with social media and podcasts becoming the new narration vehicles of experiences, it is still jarring to hear and see things the quiet parts of people’s lives said boldly.

Like when an OnlyFans model reveals that she slept with four NFL players from two different teams in one week for “a bag.” Prostitution is being discussed with such cultural ease that it is normalized as being about your business is concerning. The fact that three NFL players flew the woman out is alarming and troubling.

During an episode of the “We In Miami” podcast, OnlyFans model Breanna Akili was asked by one of the cohosts, “have you ever had sex with a celebrity?” The answer she gave leaves only more questions that may eventually demand answers.

“Yes,” she responded to the question.

“Who?” the host asked.

“One of CMG members (Cocaine Music Group / Yo Gotti’s label) EST Gee,” Akili responded. However, when one of the hosts then asked if she’d ever done anything freaky to a celebrity, her answer was “yes,” which opened up a huge Pandora’s box of speculation.

“An NFL player. Like four of them,” she replied. “In one week. I mean, I wanted to have fun. I got flown out by four NFL players, back to back, in one week. I was busy as f**k that weekend. I made a bag.”

“They cut a check?” the host asked for confirmation of what Akili was alleging, and she responded in kind.

“Yeah, all of them did,” she confirmed.

Although Akili didn’t give up the players’ names, she did name teams which now leaves one to dissect rosters to figure out who she is discussing.

“OK, I’m gonna say the team: Steelers. I think like three of them on Kansas. Three team members on Kansas City,” Akili said.

Recently, the claims from the red light district have intersected with sports uniquely. Nevada-based Sex worker Ariel Ganja of The Chicken Ranch brothel, is currently on a campaign to become a part of the Las Vegas Raiders in an extraordinary fashion. She is offering her VIP services at discounted prices to all players and staff as a show of appreciation for the team.

Did Somebody Say Sin City? Ariel Ganja Petitions To Become The “Official Sex Worker To The Las Vegas Raiders”

“I’m offering my VIP package to Raiders players and staff because the team has brought so much positivity and joy to the Vegas area and have helped boost my business at the brothel, thanks to the throngs of fans that visit Sin City to see the Raiders play,” Ganja said to TMZ.

The Raiders have yet to take Ganja up on the offer to become “The Official Sex Worker of the Raiders,” but that hasn’t stopped other NFL players from enjoying the entertainment of the erotic industry.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance was caught on candid camera enjoying a post-Week 1 relaxation moment with strippers gripping a wad of cash. The visuals were jarring given that the 49ers had lost to the Chicago Bears, but the convergence of exotic entertainment and professional sports is a constant nonetheless.

Now how the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs team brass will take the allegations of an OnlyFans model is another matter.

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