Did Somebody Say Sin City? Ariel Ganja Petitions To Become The “Official Sex Worker To The Las Vegas Raiders”

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, sex worker Ariel Ganja is trying to eliminate that stigma. The Chicken Ranch brothel courtesan or high-end sex worker is on a campaign to become a part of the Las Vegas Raiders in a special fashion. She is offering her VIP services at discounted prices to all players and staff as a show of appreciation for the team.

Ganja is offering a 50 percent off special to the Las Vegas Raiders organization for her unique services this 2022-23 season in appreciation of their service to the City of Sin.

“I’m offering my VIP package to Raiders players and staff because the team has brought so much positivity and joy to the Vegas area and have helped boost my business at the brothel, thanks to the throngs of fans that visit Sin City to see the Raiders play,” Ganja said to TMZ.

A former accountant from Missouri making $43,000 a year, the 36-year-old Ganja became a sex worker when she realized her income could balloon. She now reportedly makes $300,000 a year. She is on a crusade to demystify her industry and those who believe it is for”’lazy or desperate people looking for easy money.”

Ariel lost her white-collar job and began stripping, then decided to step it up and fully enter the sex worker business. She can now be found two weeks a month at the Chicken Ranch, some 60 miles from Las Vegas in Pahrump, and is on call 24/7.

The Chicken Ranch brothel originated in La Grange, Texas, and survived major American crises’ like the Great Depression. Then the ranch implemented a bartering system to pay for Ranch services using chickens, according to the brothel’s website. The Chicken Ranch name was born, and it remains today.

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Now Ganja is looking to expand the narrative of The Chicken Ranch by requesting to become the “Official Sex Worker Of The Raiders” with all the perks she can summon. The exclusive bundle she offers includes a free limo ride to the Chicken Ranch and a personalized entrance to a private bungalow to maintain the secrecy of the process.

The only thing missing is a real business deal for Ganja and the team, especially with the regular season has begun to capitalize on the team’s attention to the market.

“The Las Vegas Raiders have an official gaming partner and an official beer and wine partner,” Ganja continued. “Why not have an official sex work partner? I hope to treat my Raiders VIPs so well that they’ll be compelled to make me the team’s ‘Official Sex Worker.'”

The Raiders made some significant moves during the offseason to bolster their roster. The acquisition of defensive end Chandler Jones and wide receiver Davante Adams is set to level up the team that has caught a few losses over the last few months.

Now Ariel Ganja is looking to become an unofficial teammate and yet another draw for the Raiders. However, with all the mess surrounding former head coach Jon Gruden and the slew of player issues that involved law enforcement, it is a long shot that she will get her wish.

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