How Do You Get Over A Week 1 Loss? If You’re Trey Lance, Just Make It Rain On Dancers

The San Francisco 49ers have started their season with a loss, but it is not how they lost; it is to whom, da Bears (Chris Farley voice). With all the speculation around head coach Kyle Shanahan’s decision to start Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo, the 19-10 loss last Sunday to start Week 1 was disappointing. Moreover, it put quarterback Trey Lance on notice both in the locker room and in the court of public opinion.

So when a video emerged of Lance making it rain with enough stacks to cause a cash thunderstorm, many were skeptical of his off-field activities juxtaposed with his on-field shortcomings.

“Gagging to the Bears, can’t complete 50 percent of his throws, making it rain at a strip club,” sports commentator Colin Cowherd said on his show “The Herd.” “It’s not the NBA, man. You got to win home games, especially when you have a Super Bowl roster. It’s not the end of the world, of course, nor was Jimmy Garoppolo being caught with a porn star having dinner.

“But y’all defended Jimmy G and what happened four days later? The 49ers brass spoke out publicly and said, ‘We expect better from a franchise quarterback.’ Of course, you never do. According to the story, Twitter supported Trey Lance. Of course they do. Twitter is not real life.”

Lance seemed unaware that he was being filmed, and the leak was surprising. However, it does not accurately indicate why his first-ever start for the Niners didn’t go his way. The team is fresh and still gelling under new leadership. There are six San Francisco 49ers captains: defensive lineman Arik Armstead, tight end George Kittle, safety Jimmie Ward, linebacker Fred Warner, and tackle Trent Williams.

However, Nick Bosa, a first-year team captain for the group, was tasked by head coach Kyle Shanahan with giving the speech to the team the day before each game. The tradition started last season and has carried over into 2022. But in the monsoon-like conditions that affected Soldier Field, nothing Bosa said could save their season opener.

“I think at this point in the week, it’s in the past,” Bosa said after the game. “I think last year, for everybody who was here, it was kind of like, ‘All right, we’re going to lose some sometimes.’ It’s just how you react when it’s a really long season. We’d love to win our home opener.”

This Week 2 is a home opener against the Seattle Seahawks, and they have been listed as a nine-point favorite over the visiting team. However, this is the same Seahawks that spoiled Russell Wilson’s homecoming as the newly minted QB for the Denver Broncos. With a huge Week 1 win and a renewed energy, Trey Lance will need to bring the same enthusiasm he had in the gentleman’s club to Sunday’s big game stage.

With Jimmy Garoppolo waiting in the wings, the spotlight has never been greater on Lance, and the timing has never been worse to hit the strip club as a quarterback that will constantly be judged under the hot lights of the National Football League.

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