“Oh My God, My Career Is Over. I’m With Mike Tyson And Michael Irvin” | Irvin Tells A Story Of A Night Out With Tyson, A Young Terrell Owens And White Women

A clip from Michael Irvin as a guest on the “Flagrant 2” podcast with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh has resurfaced and is making its way around the internet today. The episode aired last November, and Irvin tells a story of a night he went out partying with Mike Tyson, a young Terrell Owens and some white women.

As Irving tells it, Tyson approached him curious about Irvin’s proclivity to hook up with “pink toes.” A term used to describe white women. Tyson, allegedly according to Irvin, didn’t have a lot of experience with white women. Irvin said they were at a club and invited several women to come back with them to Tyson’s suite. Before they got into the limo, Irvin saw a young Terrell Owens and invited him to join them.

According to Irvin, T.O. had a look of astonishment on his face at the extracurricular activities going on inside Tyson’s suite.

“Oh my god, my career is over,” Owens allegedly said according to Irvin. “I’m with Mike Tyson and Michael Irvin, these crazy mother*******!”

None of this is surprising. Irvin and Tyson are legendary partiers among the professional athlete set. Being young, rich and famous can get you a lot of attention.

Irvin, the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer, a three-time Super Bowl champ, five-time Pro Bowl selection and three-time All-Pro was a legendary partier going back to his days at the University of Miami. Watch ESPN Films’ “The U,” for some of his tamer exploits.

By the time this story would’ve taken place the Dallas Cowboys’ “White House,” the team’s pleasure palace where Irvin was one of the lead players in organizing, would’ve already been a few years in existence.

Players from the Cowboys championship teams leased a house not too far from the team’s then-practice facility in Valley Ranch. There were no permanent residents of the house, just a place for players to engage in whatever activities they wanted outside of their actual homes.

Anthony “Paco” Montoya, Irvin’s longtime assistant, was in charge of keeping the house stocked.

“It was my job to keep it stocked,” says Montoya. “With beer. Wine. Liquor. Batteries. Toys. Boxes of condoms. Entertainment. You name it.”

Legend has it that Paco and Irvin would go out and pick up women after practice on Fridays and invite them to the house for a wild weekend. It got to the point where women in the area found out about the house and started approaching Paco directly.

“They loved it, and no one in that house knew the word ‘no’,” Montoya said. “It was just a non-stop party, non-stop orgy. Everything you can imagine, then triple it.”

Irvin also ran into his fair share of trouble with the law involving cocaine use and sexual assault allegations.

This story featuring Tyson and Owens just seems to be another tale in the life of one of the great players in NFL history, who had an addiction to the fast life and the trappings of money and fame.

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