Oh, How Time Flies! | Bryce James Receives His First D-1 Offer From Duquesne

It’s official, Bryce James has received his first college basketball scholarship offer, and he’s only a freshman. Receiving a D-1 scholarship offer is a dream come true for any kid, and not many young basketball stars even receive D-1 offers to begin with. But Bryce James, son of basketball legend and current Lakers star LeBron James, is already getting an offer, which of course is only the first. 


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On Instagram Bryce James revealed that he received his first D-1 scholarship offer from Duquesne, with a caption saying, “Blessed to receive my first d1 offer from Duquesne #godukes”. 


It’s heartwarming for any parent watching their offspring grow up figuratively and literally in size (Bryce is now 6 feet 6, 3 inches taller than his brother Bronny). To see Bryce James now dunking with his brother and dad at practice is a reminder to all that he does have the James genes. 

But the fact that Bryce James is already receiving scholarship offers from D-1 schools at 15 years of age puts everything into perspective. He plays for Sierra Canyon with his brother Bronny James, who is a senior and will more than likely be going off to a D-1 basketball college himself. Bryce is already taller than Bronny and has tons of room to develop as well. Considering the possibility that when LeBron more than likely retires in 2024 after he  and Bronny hopefully play a season together, LeBron will spend plenty of one-on-one time with Bryce while he’s still in school helping him perfect his craft. 

It’s too early to know the type of player Bryce is yet. He hasn’t had enough playing time and usage to understand the type of style he has and the role he will have on his teams. At this point in Bronny’s career, he is more of a two-way player who looks to facilitate for his team and scores when he can. Though it’s clear he doesn’t possess that “score first” mentality, he could develop that later in his career.

Bryce, on the other hand is fresh to the court, and depending on if he continues to grow, that could really change the trajectory of his role on the court and his path to the NBA as well. Though no one is already projecting him as an NBA first-rounder like they are his brother, if he’s playing nearly as good as Bronny is with his height and frame, he could very well end up in the NBA as well.

LeBron’s genetics have worked out well with his sons, and they both look to be legit NBA hopefuls. We’ve recently seen these types of genetic qualities being shared throughout one family with Lavar Ball’s sons, and the Antetokoumnpos as well. The James family could be next on that list, and should they continue to play and develop well on the court, we could see the offsprings of this era’s GOAT share the NBA hardwood together at some point as well.

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