Cowboys Legend Michael Irvin Believes Coveted Free Agent “Odell Beckham Would Light Up Dallas”

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-2 and in second place in the NFC East. Even with that pretty gaudy record the team is looking for reinforcements. With the team on its bye week, and sporting one of the best defenses, the belief is the Cowboys aren’t satisfied with their weaponry at wide receiver.

After trading star wideout Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns, the team belief was 2020 first-round pick CeeDee Lamb would assume the role of top receiver. And while he’s done a decent job, Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin thinks a huge move could come soon.

Enter the weekly Odell Beckham talk.

With the talented free agent wide receiver getting medical clearance soon, some teams around the league are hoping to sign him. According to Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, the idea is a season-changer.  

During a recent appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, the preacher himself gave a sermon about Beckham.

I would love to see Odell on the Cowboys, but even bigger than that, I guarantee you that Odell would love to see Odell on the Cowboys. Odell to the Cowboys can tilt the balance to the Cowboys. Odell wants to come in and be savior. He can be savior to the Cowboys.”

Irvin feels like with OBJ Dallas could possibly catch the 8-0 Eagles. Adding OBJ could help, because when you line up the two teams up on paper the difference is Philly’s explosive offense under the leadership of Jalen Hurts.

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Irvin Says OBJ Fits The Spotlight In Big D:

Playing in Dallas is sure to bring plenty of attention to any player. 

Dubbed “America’s Team” back when they played in Texas Stadium, it was said they put a hole in the roof so God could smile down on them.

They’re now playing in Jerry’s World, which has quickly become the most famous stadium in the NFL. Beckham fits right into things like that as he loves the attention.

Irvin knows it, and here’s what he said about that exact thing.

“Odell Beckham would light up Dallas. Odell has to be in a place where the lights are bright to be at his best. He needs to be in the sun. Put him in L.A. Put him in New York. Put him in Dallas where the light is bright. That’s where you’ll see flowers.”

Irvin is laying it on thick, but he isn’t the only Cowboy who’s been applauding OBJ as he attempts his comeback.

Jerry Jones Says He Admires OBJ

Prior to trade deadline coming and going, Jones made it clear that the Cowboys would need to land a Deion Sanders-type deal to make a run.

That didn’t happen, but Jones made sure to sing Beckham’s praises during his weekly radio interview with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas.

“He made the greatest catch I’ve seen, other than the one Dez Bryant made for the touchdown against Green Bay. Bottom line is Odell is a player that I admire a lot.”

OBJ’s claim to fame will always be the one-handed grab he made on “MNF” as a member of the NY Giants. Since then, he’s been riddled with injuries and drama and is a shell of his former self, despite the Super Bowl last season. But even at 80-85 percent, with OBJ on the field and reputation intact, he commands attention.

Rumors as to where OBJ will sign have been all over the place, but one thing for sure and two things for certain, wherever he so chooses, if healthy, he will help that team immensely.

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