Odell Beckham Jr Slapped With Lawsuit In Bodyguard Scuffle

Its been an eventful offseason to say the least for Odell Beckham Jr. as he attempts to recover from a lost season due to injury. The fans have made it clear that they want to see him on the field, despite a series of incidents that have him on the NFL conduct radar, including a rendezvous in a hotel room with a random woman and some powdery white substance. It seems his baptism in Jerusalem didn’t totally cleanse his soul of the demons that lurk to throw him off track. 

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Odell Beckham Jr. recently traveled to Jerusalem, Palestine. He got baptized while out there as well!

 The good news for Giants fans is that Beckham is expected to report on time when the Giants open training camp Wednesday in East Rutherford, New Jersey. 

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@OBJ_3 ready for #GiantsCamp

The bad news is that the demons of his downtime have once again come back to haunt the gifted wide receiver with the voracious appetite for fast living. 

According to WFAN.radio.com, a man who claims he was brutally beaten by Odell Beckham Jr.’s bodyguard and another man is now saying he has proof the Giants star tried to illegally pay a woman for sex and hosted drug-fueled parties, according to a report.

Ishmael Temple has filed a $15 million lawsuit against Beckham over the alleged fight at the three-time Pro Bowler’s Beverly Hills, California, home in January. According to TMZ Sports, the attorneys for Temple have filed new documents in court making the latest bombshell accusations against Beckham, as well as claiming Beckham’s lawyers offered $225,000 in exchange for dropping the lawsuit but rescinded the offer for unknown reasons.

There is also an email exchange with Beckham’s lawyers in which Temple’s attorneys claim they have evidence of “your client offering $1k to sleep with a girl from Arizona visiting L.A. known to my client” and “evidence of drugs of the most prohibited types readily available and consumed at his parties,” TMZ reported.

Beckham’s camp is denying all the allegations, saying Temple is trying to extort the football star, according to TMZ. 

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Following today’s allegation, I received a statement from Daniel E. Davillier, attorney for #Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr, who is refusing to pay extortion money. Here it is:

In the lawsuit, Temple says Beckham did not participate in the alleged fight, but he did not order security to stop. 

After the suit was filed, Beckham’s lawyer, Daniel Davillier, called it “frivolous.” 

Beckham has long been accused of loving the celebrity life more than being an NFL wide receiver and stories such as these are reasons why despite his immense talents, the Giants organization is hesitant to pay the wide receiver $20-$30 million a year to ball out. 

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Who would YOU make the first $20 million WR? @juliojones_11 or @OBJ_3? (via @GMFB) https://t.co/EsJ6adfYaV

While his on the field stock is at high value, his off the field behavior makes you question how much you can invest in the guy. He’s like a ticking time bomb. 

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