Odell Beckham Jr. Picks the Wrong Times To Come Up Short

    Its ironic that with Plaxico Burress in attendance and a packed stadium of rabid Giants fans anticipating an explosive return to action by Odell Beckham Jr., the Giants star receiver would shoot himself in the foot with an underwhelming performance, culminated by a crucial dropped pass on 4th and 10, ending any hopes of a comeback against the Detroit Lions on Monday night. 

    Beckham was a drama king as usual, making everyone wait until game time to see if the Giants saviour would suit up.  

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    Odell Beckham Jr., a game time decision, is here. #giants #MNF #NFL #GiantsvsLions https://t.co/UBOsr8qAEA

    That’s part of what he does and he’s earned the right to be flamboyant and a bit self-centered because he produces most of the time. He just picks the wrong moments to have inconsistent games. 

    Beckham was a non factor and had four catches for a measly 36 yards in Big Blue’s 24-10 loss to Detroit. His lack of production reflected a Giants offense that has now posted fewer than 20 points in seven straight games and dropped down to the cellar dwellars of NFL offensive production. 

    Beckham missed Week 1 because of an injury he sustained during the preseason on a questionable hit. The Giants offense suffered in his absence, scoring just three points against the Dallas Cowboys. 

    This week was supposed to be different. OBJ was questionable before the game but everybody knew he was going to play. Maybe he was still hurt. If so, how is he spotted in the club in the wee hours of the morning during the middle of the week? 

    He should have been making sure that his ankle was ready to go. After their woeful loss last night, the Giants are now 0-2 with their chances of making the playoffs already coming into question. 

    He definitely cant drop the pass to end the drive and end the game. Just like he should never have Tweeted that picture of the infamous yacht crew before he laid an egg in the playoffs last year.

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    LOOK: Odell Beckham drops two passes vs. Packers, Twitter blames Justin Bieber – https://t.co/wDLmX9v333 https://t.co/0negUq9psB

    The Giants have several problems bigger than OBJ, but they cant have any success if he isnt at least one of the bright spots in the midst of low moments. 

    Hes always been that to this franchise and thats why only a few heads said he was plumb dumb when he announced his intentions to be the NFLs highest paid player. Love the ambition, but wheres his focus? 

    Maybe hes a bit fearful of getting hit right now. Perhaps he was just a bit rusty. But theres a problematic pattern developing for Beckham, who is already a rich man with endorsements and will get major paper when his times comes. 

    He doesnt always show up. He gets easily frustrated and uncontrollable at times. That doesn’t really fit in a team system. 

    His dedication to the team and what it takes to be a true leader is questionable right now. If hes truly worth the paper, then he has to step up and galvanize the troops. It all starts with him setting a more professional tone, taking his football more seriously and maturing just a bit. We know he’s going to get his numbers. 

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