Odell Beckham gets one game suspension for headshot on Josh Norman

After yesterday’s violent game against cornerback Josh Norman and the undefeated Carolina Panthers, the NFL put their foot down on the Giants’ talented receiver.

Today the League officially announced that Odell Beckham Jr. has been suspended one game for his actions during the second half of the game.

Beckham had been flagged three times for unnecessary roughness, two of those penalties coming on the same drive in the third quarter. But then he went headhunting, an absolute “no no” in football, when he hit Norman with a vicious, direct helmet-to-helmet shot in that same quarter.

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While Beckham is appealing the suspension, it appears that the Giants will be without their star wideout for their must-win game against the Viking this Sunday. Lose and they’re out of playoff contention.

But it seems like they’ve already lost as their most important player will most likely be staying at home this weekend.

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