O.J. Simpson Says Jay-Z’s “The Story Of O.J.” Song Got His Famous Phrase Wrong

Disgraced Pro Football Hall of Famer Orenthal James Simpson, aka O.J. Simpson, has always been one to speak his mind even it’s a little outlandish. Simpson, who’s pretty much been out of the limelight since his return to society in 2017 following his release from after a nine-year stint for armed robbery, has never shied away from giving his opinion. 

Simpson hasn’t given many interviews since his release in 2017 and his 2021 release from parole from parole for good behavior, but he recently took some time to join blogger Augustus Lymon to discuss Jay-Z’s track about the former Heisman Trophy-winning running back. 

Simpson’s biggest gripe with the lyrics stem from Jay-Z’s line where he said this:

“O.J. like, ‘I’m not Black, I’m O.J.’ … okay.”

Simpson took time to clarify to Lymon and anyone listening what should’ve been said. 

Simpson Not Too Fond Of Jay-Z Citing Lyric Incorrectly 

“Well, first of all, Jay-Z didn’t say it right,” he began. “When Johnnie Cochran was talking to me about it, and all that was going on was Black, Black, Black,’ I said f-ck being Black, this is me. This is about O.J. … You know? 

“It wasn’t about being Black or white. It was about, these guys were after me. So that’s how that was expressed. It wasn’t about, you know, I’m not Black. It was about, this ain’t about being Black, this is about me.”

Simpson’s Been Rather Vocal As Of Late

Over the last couple months, the 1973 NFL MVP has been very outspoken on a few different topics. In March he spoke out on the Murdaugh murder trial, and that definitely came with backlash when you consider he faced double murder charges in 1994. More recently Simpson told the Giants to ante up and pay star tailback Saquon Barkley what he’s worth. He wondered why the team paid quarterback Daniel Jones but franchised Barkley. 

In a tweet Simpson said, “There are not four players more important on the @Giants than @saquon.”

While that may be true, the running back position is nothing like when Simpson was shredding defenses for the Buffalo Bills, in fact it’s been devalued a ton. 

Simpson is giving us his opinion on rap music and football, we should all be so grateful. LOL. 

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