Not Only Is The Pro Bowl Back, But It’s Cornier Than Ever

There’s not a single room you could go into and say aloud, “clap your hands if you love the NFL Pro Bowl,” in which you should expect anything but a smattering of handclapping. Simply put, the Pro Bowl is a waste of time and resources, with little upside.  It has zero buzz, and occasionally the guys who do show up (which often isn’t the top tier players) get injured. And yet it’s still here, living and breathing, when it should have been put down years ago.

Now the NFL wants to spice it up by offering in-game incentives similar to a game show, to raise the excitement levels. I can’t imagine why anyone would watch this subpar product, but they do.

From NBC Sports:

As the NFL continues to try to make the Pro Bowl worth watching, the league is considering some ideas inspired by TV game shows.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reported that the league is considering elements that would make the game more like a game show, such as
having incentives paid out during the game. Breer said the league would like to “make it so every single minute of the game has some sort of thing that’s going to keep fans interested and engaged.”

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