NFL To Allow Lit End Zone Celebrations In 2017

Most fans and prognosticators are singing the praises of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for loosening the reins and letting the dogs loose as far as NFL celebrations go.

Goodell has contemplated the move for a while, drawing on the opinions of players, coaches and The NFL Referees Association in the process.

On Tuesday The National Football League announced three changes to the game, but the one getting most of the love has to do with end zone celebrations.

The No Fun League is no more.

The old, rigid, out-of-date rules have been thrust aside for the 2017 season allowing players to again use the football as a prop, celebrate as a group and roll around on the ground if they like.

The electricity and entertainment value of the game just increased tenfold, satisfying a desire that this generation of fans have longed for. Fans have wanted the NFL to lighten up and let players express themselves after a TD. More important than the fans desires, Goodell understands the marketing ramifications of being too controlling and limiting the entertainment value of the sport.

The NFL Network will be heavy with the promotion as Celebration Station, a feature that shows the weekly top NFL end zone celebration and will quickly become one of the most social media circulated segments of the week. 

Goodells 360 degree flip on the topic of end zone celebrations is typical of his track record of whimsical approaches to major issues. Once a staunch supporter of suppressing NFL celebrations, Goodell nows says he’s looking forward to seeing how the players will express themselves under the alleviated guidelines.

But the league isn’t getting carried away either it will still penalize any celebration “deemed offensive or in bad taste” and that is just too subjective in my opinion. Look for the new rules to add excitement, drama and more controversy between the referees and the players.

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