NFL Fears Von Miller’s Test Collector May Be A Part of Corruptible System

The revelation over the weekend that Von Miller worked with a urine collector to try and pass his drug test has raised fears within the NFL's offices that this may be a pervasive problem around the NFL. Ryan Braun famously accused a MLB test collector of tampering with his positive test, but there hasn't been an instance of a test collector in any major sport helping an athlete beat the test in recent memory. It may have worked if Miller's test collector were a little smarter about who's urine he used in place of Miller's.

If the NFL is concerned about collectors being paid off, maybe they should consider paying them higher salaries. Either way, the NFL should look to re-examine its testing policies and procedures and discover how they can become more stringent.

Via Pro Football Talk:

The same source who told PFT back in the middle of August that the league was treading lightly with the Von Miller case because of concerns regarding the sample collection process now tells PFT that the league is concerned that other collectors may have been engaged in similar misconduct.  Another source tells PFT that those concerns are real and valid.

Coupled with the likelihood that the Miami-based collector who conspired with Miller may have helped other players provide clean urine, it’s clear that the NFL has a problem that mandates significant action.  Ultimately, the entire mechanism for collecting urine may have to be revamped in order to ensure that these types of things won’t happen in the future.