NFL D-League Proposals Have Gained Momentum

In April, the NFL's head of football operations Troy Vincent mentioned the league's interest in forming a developmental league. Although there are no definitive plans set in stone yet. Since NFL Europe was abolished in 2007, there have been a lack of options available for prospective NFL players who aren't on active rosters. However, according to Vincent, the NFL is gaining steam.

"I got more than 100 proposals," he said with a laugh. "I think that shows it is worth a look."

Via Associated Press:

Marc Ganis, president of SportsCorp, a Chicago-based consulting firm, has a strong relationship with many team owners. He envisions a league being established for spring play, with all of the teams supplying players they want to see more from.

"After the NFL season and before the training camps, say March to July," Ganis said. "It's an open time in the sports schedule. The colleges are done and the NBA and NHL playoffs wind down.

"A league in the fall is really tough. It is not like baseball, where teams can be calling up players every day from the minors. There would be lots of restrictions on player movement then."

This won't be an international venture, either. In fact, it probably would be done regionally, cutting down on travel costs.


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