NFL Coaches Are Lying About Why They Won’t Sign Colin Kaepernick

Inferior quarterback after inferior quarterback have been signed by NFL teams since Colin Kaepernick’s protest and subsequent blackballing. Every owner and coach has offered a romper room excuse as to why he hasn’t been signed. 

For some reason, people in this country who arent nearly as racist or dumb as they have acted during these times still try to justify Kaepernick being unemployed. It used to be excuses, but as quarterbacks drop like flies and bottom of the barrel replacements are brought in instead of Kaepernick, the NFL gets increasingly tired of having to deal with these stances against social injustice. They get tired of having to deal with questions about why they didn’t sign the best available quarterback. 

They probably just want to say. You know why !!…Because hes talking all of that Black power sh*t and it’s messing up my football high. 

As far as the NFL is concerned, Kap is the bad guy. And if they cant reason away his blackballing because the evidence is too insurmountably obvious at this point, then lying has become the best next step. 

According to reporter Shaun King, the Arizona Cardinals and head coach Bruce Arians are prepared to lie about the issue to avoid admitting that the word is out and he can’t be signed. 

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When I ask anybody, from the local baker to an NFL insider, the consensus opinion these days is that Kaepernick will never play in the NFL again. Most are resigned to that fact. Even some African-Americans who were vigorous in demanding that Kaepernick was being blackballed and be given a job, have accepted the meeting with NFL owners and league execs as some sort of sign that Kaepernick’s protest has led to something substantial. 

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At high-stakes meeting, NFL owners seek a compromise with players over protests during anthem

Many still do not. As Michael Bennett enlightened some fools earlier in the week, there will be no further dialogue between the players and owners until Kaepernick has a job. They’ll be no deal struck or compromise about ending protests so that some billionaire white men make more money as African-Americans take one of the greats L’s in American history.

That’s really the point.  

Its despicable actually. The players can’t be willing to trade Colin Kaepernick and his honor  – and to a larger degree the honor of African-Americans around the world who were ever victims of oppression, police brutality or social injustice – for some peace and quiet. 

Just understand that the blackballing of Kaepernick continues. Flip it or shape it any way you want and in the end it’s a clear message of “we don’t give a damn” from the white owners and league executives to the Black players and people offended by the way the protests have been handled and the way African-American players have been treated throughout this watershed moment in American history.

The plan all along was to shut people up. No, we havent learned from history obviously and society keeps making the same mistakes. Kaepernick protested for all of the right reasons. The fact that he’s being blatantly kept out of the league was supposed to be the fire that helped the protests grow until someone listened to the real problems, which had nothing to do with the military or the flag or being a patriot. 

Sure, this is one big headache for coaches and owners who have enough on their plate worrying about building a winning franchise and winning football games, but there can be no victory and we cant insinuate any victory being won until Kaepernick is playing. Hes the symbol of this protest that the opposing powers need to keep silenced and off the field. Regardless of what happens down the road, victory can only be gained in Kaepernick’s employment. 

Until then, people of color are just being lied to. 

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