New Video Evidence Proves Venus Williams Entered Intersection Legally

Last week it was reported that Venus Williams, who was gearing up to play at Wimbledon, was found at fault in an accident in Florida which resulted in the death of 78 year old Jerome Barson. Venus broke down in tears in her post-game press conference when asked about the incident, reminding everyone that tennis took a back seat to the reality of the situation that Venus was facing.

A week later we learned of new video evidence which proved that Venus had entered the intersection legally before the accident which claimed the life of Barson. Williams was driving when she was cut off by another vehicle, which caused her to stop in the intersection, which is where she was hit by the car the Barsons were driving, who had the green light and were driving through the intersection.

According to police spokesman Maj. Paul Rogers, investigators have rescinded their original conclusion that Williams was at fault now that the new video evidence has surfaced. He also added “updated information, based on new evidence, is still under investigation.”

The attorneys for both parties have issued statements holding the other accountable for the fatal accident. But after the new video evidence, Malcolm Cunningham, Williams’ attorney, stated his client “had the right to proceed through the intersection and other vehicles including those with a red light changing to green, were obligated to yield the right-of-way,” and added “she remains deeply saddened by the loss suffered by the Barson family and continues to keep them in her thoughts and prayers.”

Venus is preparing for her next match on Monday, but this incident most likely still weighs heavily on her regardless of the new video.

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