American Airlines Sends Venus Williams’ Bags To The Bahamas Instead Of Montreal Where She Was Playing A Match

Seven-time Grand Slam singles champion Venus Williams lost in the first round of the Canadian Open in Montreal on Monday to fellow American Madison Keys. But maybe part of the reason she lost is because her bags were in the Bahamas after American Airlines goofed and sent the 43-year-old’s bags to the wrong destination.

“Dear American Airlines, I love flying with you all. I’m even in the million-mile club! I’m not sure why you sent my bags to the Bahamas when I was traveling to Montreal. Now I have a match today. I’ve been trying to get my bags for 3 days now. I think I have spent all my unlimited minutes calling you all, which has become my full-time job day and night. This has so much fun!” Venus Williams wrote.

Celebrities Get Their Bags Lost By The Airlines Too

On the one hand this is a “celebrities are just like us moment.” On the other, it’s extremely annoying to not have your bags when you’re traveling. Imagine being a professional athlete, who by nature is driven by routine, having that routine thrown off and your bag with all your extra racquets, gear, etc. not with you?

Of course this isn’t the reason Williams lost to Keys.

The trailblazing pioneer is in the twilight of her career. The fact that she still is on tour and finding joy in her tennis after turning pro almost 30 years ago is amazing.

No doubt American Airlines has already put somebody in touch with the tennis champion and as a member of the “million-mile club” it’s likely some more perks will be headed her way.

Enjoy Venus While She’s Still Here

Despite the early loss in Canada, Williams is on track to play in the US Open at the end of the month. She’s a two-time singles champion in the event and after an injury-riddled last few years, Williams is looking forward to playing in NYC.

“I feel like it’s been too long. I really fought my utmost to be here. Icing five times a day, therapy three times a day, praying, all sorts of interventions,” Williams said.

It is unclear when Williams will retire. But while she’s still here fans should enjoy not just one of the great tennis players of all-time, but one of the greatest athletic stories of all-time.

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