New Green Lantern Film Confirms John Stewart’s On-Screen Debut

A new and improved Green Lantern film has been in the works ever since the laughable flop starring Ryan Reynold’s CGI’ed audiences into a slumber at the theaters.  First, we were just sick and tired o the same old superhero troupes of well-intentioned white dudes being gifted with superpowers to save the world.

Yep, white folks always running around saving the world, right?(Insert sarcasm here). However, the saving grace for the possibility of a very good Lantern film has always been John Stewart, the black Green Lantern.   

Stewart is considered by many to be the best Green Lantern. Hal Jordan, the “traditionalist” version of the character, is rather boring on his own. That’s why the recent news that Geoff Johns will produce and write a Green Lantern Corp film with both the characters is really good news.  

But this does come at a price as Johns will be stepping down as President and Chief Creative Officer.  Johns has his hands in several upcoming DC movies, which includes writing and co-producing Green Lantern Corps. Read up on John Stewart with this excerpt from TSL Comic Book Convo Presents: The Top 20 Illest Black Superheroes of All-Time.

Green Lantern (John Stewart):

Green Lantern has been around since 1940, but it wasnt until 1971 that John Stewart appeared as the substitute Lantern to Hal Jordan thanks to a conversation between artist Neal Adams and editor Julius Schwartz regarding the implausibility of an intergalactic, multi-planetary defense force being devoid of any Black people. But what was initially only a part-time job, after an accident rendered the normal backup Guy Gardner incapacitated, became a full-time gig in the Green Lantern Corp from 1984 through 1988 over the course of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corp after the cancellation of the former.

He was originally depicted as an architect and former Marine with an attitude problem. Also, he has been subjected to the misunderstood Black man troupe too many times to count (three times that I can think of). His character has been a part of catastrophic failures more than once and, like several other Black superheroes and men, he has had a mental breakdown or two and gets caught up in relationship issues (Vixen and Hawkgirl). Bad writing aside, he has since become one of the most popular characters in all of comic book-dom for decades. Im not mentioning Green Lanterns powers because you should know them by now, but here’s a video explaining the Green Lantern’s shared power set and history. 

History Of All The Green Lanterns Of Earth!

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