‘My Legal Team Is Taking Care Of Everything’| Chiefs Star Defensive End Fred Clark Pleads Not Guilty To Weapons Charges

Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark is piling up gun charges like he does sacks of the quarterback. The pass-rushing star on Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs team pleaded not guilty Monday in Los Angeles to two counts of possession of an assault weapon, the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office said.

Clark was arrested in March when officers allegedly recovered two loaded firearms in a vehicle traffic stop of Clark and another person, per California Highway Patrol records.

NFL Star Arrested

Clark, 28, is an NFL star who obviously loves his guns. Gun ownership is as American as apple pie, so that’s not a problem. However, he needs to get those things registered first. They are becoming an impediment to his career. 

Clark, the 63rd overall draft pick by Seattle in 2014, was also arrested in June in Los Angeles when police officers allegedly saw a submachine gun in his vehicle. Clark was charged with suspicion of having a concealed firearm in a vehicle, but according to Clark’s attorney Alex Spiro, Clark’s bodyguard owns the weapon. 

Racking Up Arrests

With several arrests for illegal gun possession, L.A. County is on Clark’s butt with the same vigor and aggression with which he pursues helpless quarterbacks. It’s disturbing that a guy who won a Super Bowl and signed a $105.5M contract (with $63.5M guaranteed) in 2019 would risk everything to drive around with automatic artillery sitting in plain sight in his car.   

Why even give L.A. County that type of control over your life?

In July, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office charged Clark with a felony weapons charge stemming from his March arrest.

Chiefs Defense Needs Frank Clark To Win SB

The Chiefs defense has been struggling this season and losing Clark for any extended period of time would be a huge blow. His pass-rushing abilities are key to the defense and his 49 sacks in 92 career games are evidence of his game-wrecking potential. 

Clark’s only played in one game this season. A nagging hamstring injury has kept him out of the other three games. The NFL is reportedly reviewing both incidents as potential violations of the league’s personal conduct policy. 

Clark is refusing to speak on the legal matters and doesn’t want to be a distraction to another Chiefs Super Bowl run.

“My legal team is taking care of everything,” Clark said in a recent interview. “I’ve been advised not to speak on it until further notice. My legal team is taking care of everything and I have full confidence in everything they’re doing.”

This story is moving a bit under the radar, but as the Chiefs get deeper into the season and the NFL playoff picture takes shape, Clark’s uncertain future will become a bigger issue. 

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