MLB Spring Training Teams Will Wear Stoneman Douglas Caps

The mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida school on Feb. 14th hit the MLB community especially hard as Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He played for football coach Aaron Feis, who heroically died protecting students from the crazed gunman. Rizzo grew up a committed part of the Parkland community that was devastated by the deaths of 17 people between the ages of 14-49.  

He gave an emotional plea at the victims’ vigil, pleading with the government and America to strengthen gun control and protect the children. His baseball brothers are unified in having his back and in honor of the innocent victims, all 30 Major League teams will wear Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School baseball caps before their Spring Training games this weekend to show support for the school, community and families whose lives were turned upside down. 

Miami Herald Sports on Twitter

MLB teams planning to wear Stoneman Douglas caps Friday in Florida and Arizona.

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