Mike McCarthy Shoved The Cameraman, But He Probably Should Be Smacking Himself And Kicking His Starting QB Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy was a bit upset following his team’s divisional round playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. As he was leaving the field he put his hand up and appeared to push a cameraman. The cameraman said that McCarthy has since apologized and it was more of a hand to the camera lens than a push.

Regardless, that was a bad playoff loss to a third-string rookie quarterback. Is it time for McCarthy and Cowboys’ QB Dak Prescott to go?

The decision-making by Prescott was poor, throwing two interceptions and not making his sight adjustments.

“Very frustrating,” Prescott said after the game. “Something I’ve got to get an offseason, take a look at all of them. As I said before, they all have their own story. The two tonight? Unacceptable. Can’t put the ball in jeopardy like that. Whether they’re tipped up in tight throws or whether I’m late on a stop route, just can’t happen. The number that added to is ridiculous. I can promise that the number will never be this again. I promise that.”

This is the third time in Prescott’s career the Cowboys have advanced to the Divisional Round, and they are 0-3; failing to make the conference championship. Prescott has to own a portion of that as the franchise QB.

“If I had the answers, then we would’ve won tonight. Too early. Too soon,” Prescott said. “And I promise you we will, though. In my time playing on this team, for this organization, we will. Yeah, it sucks that it’s 365 days away to get back to this position, but we’ve got to take it day by day, step by step, and that’s what I’ll do. I know that’s who I am. I’ll respond the right way. As I said, when we get this team aligned, the guys that we get back, coaches, we’ll do what’s necessary to be right back here and win the next time.”

McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore didn’t do him any favors. Ezekiel Elliott is still on the team and only got 10 carries. Once Tony Pollard went down with an injury it seemed like the run game was done.

Then there was the poor execution late in the game by the Cowboys and the bizarre final play. That all points to McCarthy.

“It didn’t get going,” McCarthy said. “I really don’t want to get into detail on it, but that obviously wasn’t the plan. It’s obviously a gadget play or whatever to end it. It’s the last-play-situation call we practice.”

McCarthy is 30-20 as the Cowboys head coach, but that’s not good enough for an organization that has championship aspirations. Maybe they shouldn’t.

The Cowboys defense played well enough to advance to the NFC Championship. But they were let down by their offense, and that falls on Prescott, Moore and McCarthy.

Owner Jerry Jones gave the vote of confidence to McCarthy despite the loss, and they just signed Prescott to a mega deal. But if they have another disappointing season next year, changes are coming.

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