Michael Wilbon: Covering LaVar Ball is “Editorial Malpractice”

The sports world cant get enough of LaVar Ball. The ESPN talking heads have based their current careers on talking about, promoting and befriending the brash talking, marketing maniac who taught the world how to get rich by being smart, obnoxious, falsely braggadocious and media manipulative. 

On Friday, PTI discussed Lonzo Ball’s tough first NBA outing, where Patrick Beverly disrupted, taunted and harassed the highly-hyped Lakers rookie all game and blamed his harsh treatment of Lonzo on LaVars big mouth. 

Contrary to popular opinion, longtime Washington Post journalist and respected African-American sports guru Michael Wilbon is one of the folks who have had just about enough of ESPNs pandering to Ball and the senseless, free promotion the ESPN family of respected journalists are giving him. 

Let me just go off on a second on LaVar Ball and all the networks including this one that put a microphone in front of him for minutes at a time, Wilbon said. Thats editorial malpractice. That shouldnt happen. Okay? Because we dont need to know what LaVar Ball says anymore. And what hes doing, Tony his behavior what responsible father puts a target on his child? I find what LaVar Ball does now LOATHSOME at times. Hes not the only father whos raised good kids or talented kids and to see this, particular for me, a father for a black father to do this, to put his child in professional harms way. This incredible target. Theres now people in the league who hate your kid because you behave like a self-absorbed jerk. And networks like ours help him! I find it all loathsome. Its worse than reality TV.

Michael Wilbon calls LaVar Ball ‘loathsome’ in epic rant | Pardon The Interruption | ESPN

Michael Wilbon calls LaVar Ball “loathsome” in an epic rant on Pardon the Interruption.

Wilbon is a guy from the old school days of real sports reporting and investigative journalism. This new age, groupified, fake news makes news, celebrity reality show flow isnt to his liking, but its the media culture that has made LaVar and The Ball Boys so popular. 

With the rat race for every media entity to attract views and clicks, jocking LaVar Ball and trying to be first on whatever scoop Big Baller Brand has to reveal is the way of the social media world right now. 

Hes tired of LaVar Ball, but theres a large group of people who want to know everything about The Ball Brothers and will report everything their dad says, including his bosses and younger, social media-driven co-workers. 

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