Michael Jordan’s Son Jeffrey Jordan Arrested On Charges Of Assaulting Health Care Worker

Jeffrey Jordan, oldest son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, was arrested after allegedly assaulting hospital staff. Jordan has since been released after being booked on one count of aggravated assault of a healthcare professional. (Photo: Screenshot ABC 15)

Michael Jordan has been an upstanding citizen in the public eye for decades. Recently he’s been transforming his legacy off the court by contributing to social justice causes and supporting Black-owned businesses

He still loves his golf. With the United States winning the 2021 Ryder Cup in Wisconsin — the country’s first win since 2016 (19-9 over Europe) — Jordan’s weekend was almost perfect. 

That’s until he got wind of the news that his son Jeffrey Jordan was arrested for allegedly assaulting a hospital employee on Friday night. 

The incident occurred after Scottsdale police transported Jeffrey to the hospital for a head injury. Details are still sketchy on the situation. According to Scottsdale police, the son of the Charlotte Hornets owner, was chilling at the Mexican spot Casa Amigos on Sept. 24 when he “fell and hit his head,” as reported by TMZ Sports.

Witnesses told police that he hit the back of his head on a table after falling off a chair. Reports don’t specify what kind of chair it was or if Jeffrey was intoxicated. However, what should have ended with the cops dropping him at the hospital and leaving him in the care of trained professionals somehow escalated into an arrest. 

Officers classified the event as “medical in nature.” When paramedics arrived on the scene all hell broke loose and police reports suggest that Jeffrey was “combative”in nature as he was escorted out of the restaurant to receive medical treatment in a waiting ambulance.

So how does falling out of a chair result in an arrest? 

Jordan allegedly struck a hospital employee while receiving medical treatment. There are no details on where or how severely he struck the employee, but Jordan was sent to jail on Saturday after being released from the hospital. 


Jeffrey played college hoops at Illinois and UCF (2007-20012), but didn’t advance past college ball. His post-basketball life seems to be going well, as the 32-year-old invests his time in corporate and community leadership as head of the digital innovation department at Nike for the Jordan Brand, his Dad’s famous imprint. 

The oldest of three sons born to the greatest basketball player ever to lace up sneakers, was booked on one count of aggravated assault against a health care professional. 

Thankfully for him, according to police, Jordan was not ultimately charged with a crime and was released from the Scottsdale City Jail around 2:14 p.m. on Saturday. Jeffrey Jordan is a free man, but he’s not totally out of the woods yet. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office is still reviewing the case. 

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