That’s My Quarterback | Micah Parsons Is On His Terrell Owens, Defending Dak Prescott Against Stephen A. Smith’s Harsh Criticism 

Dallas Cowboys star edge rusher Micah Parsons has never been afraid to voice his opinion. The two-time runner-up for NFL Defensive Player of the Year in his three seasons has also been quick to defend his quarterback Dak Prescott when negativity is spoken about him.

With ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, that’s become a daily occurrence, and with both Parsons and Smith in Indianapolis for NBA All-Star Weekend, the two had a discussion about that very thing. 

During an appearance on “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” Parsons, who’s been quick to stand up for Prescott and other teammates, let Smith know that he didn’t appreciate the shots taken at his QB.

He called how Smith talks about Prescott “unfair” and didn’t change his tone at any moment during the interview. 

He didn’t almost cry tears in front of reporters like Terrell Owens did when defending Tony Romo’s equally ineffective playoff record. Parsons was more militant in his tone.

Parsons Says Only Patrick Mahomes Should Be Above Criticism 

Parsons told Smith that Prescott still led the league with 36 touchdown passes despite the Cowboys floundering out in the wild card round, subsequently becoming the first No. 2 seed to lose to a No. 7 in the new playoff format.

“Besides Patrick Mahomes what other quarterback in the AFC has accomplished anything to get more credit than Dak?”

Of course, Smith had a quick rebuttal, claiming that Bills quarterback Josh Allen led his team a round deeper before losing to the aforementioned Mahomes and the Chiefs. But that didn’t stop Parsons from calling out all other QBs besides Mahomes, a three-time Super Bowl winner.

“It doesn’t matter how far you get, if you’re going home and you don’t have a ring, it doesn’t matter,” Parsons said.

“If you are not the Super Bowl champion, it does not matter what you have accomplished … if you do not win the big one, it does not matter … I’m not giving participation,” he added.

Good to hear Parsons step up and defend his quarterback who had a great season. And he’s correct.

Parsons Calls Out Media For Prescott Bashing During Season

Following a Week 5 42-10 loss blowout at the Niners, sports media everywhere were calling out Prescott, and Parsons was the first person to come to his defense. At that time he took aim FS1’s “Speak” personalities, LeSean McCoy (former Eagles star) and the well-spoken Emmanuel Acho, for what he dubbed hate and hypocrisy as pertains to Prescott.

While Parsons is correct, he must also know that until Prescott leads the team to postseason success, this is the treatment he’ll receive. At this point of Prescott’s career, regular-season success isn’t good enough anymore.

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