Matthew Stafford Ignored Tom Brady’s Advice, Was Lathered Up At Super Bowl Parade | “Mix In A Water Matt…Trust Me”

If there’s one thing Tom Brady is familiar with, it’s Super Bowl parades, having been a part of seven of them.

As he watched the Los Angeles Rams celebrate their second Super Bowl win and first since returning to L.A. in 2016 on Wednesday, Brady saw a lathered-up Matt Stafford at the mic slurring words and saying the same thing over and over, and he offered these words.

“Mix in a water Matt…trust me.”


The comments about Stafford brought back memories of Brady’s actions last year during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers SB parade. After leading the Bucs to a SB win in his first year with the organization, Brady had himself quite a day at the parade. He had a few memorable moments. Brady was sauced, but it’s evident that he’s a happy drunk, if that’s any consolation. 

Social media lost it when video surfaced of Brady making a daring attempt to toss the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another. It could’ve ended badly but the reception was made and the trophy secured.

Brady wasn’t done there, the legendary quarterback needed help from a person within the Buccaneers organization to get from one party to the next. A clear sign that he’d had too many drinks.

Incidents Are Similar But Not Similar: Brady Was So Hammered He Didn’t Know Where To Go

Judging from those two incidents, one could see why Brady would provide such advice to Stafford. But from the looks of the parade and Stafford’s speech, the strong-armed QB didn’t take heed to Brady’s sentiments. Stafford stood at the podium, slurred speech and all, smiling from ear to ear with his wife close by to make sure he didn’t embarrass himself.

Stafford Planned To Indulge In Libations: Via Wife’s Podcast

While Brady got drunk off of tequila, Stafford let it be known on his wife’s podcast that his drink of choice is vodka. So that’s what he’d been consuming at the parade.

“Kinda anything, but usually I’m a vodka guy,” Stafford revealed. 

Stafford definitely gets a pass. He’s waited for that moment for 12 seasons in Detroit, with only two winning seasons and no playoff victories. In one season he went west and won a Super Bowl.

The 2009 No. 1 overall pick could only dream of taking part in something like this while saddled with the hapless Lions. Sunday that dream became a reality, and Wednesday was that surreal moment of nonstop drinking and celebrating, while thousands lined the streets to celebrate in unison.

Stafford didn’t attempt to pull a Brady. Tom was on a boat tossing the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy around like he was throwing a seam route to Rob Gronkowski.

Stafford would’ve been tossing the trophy while on a float on the road, which is much more dangerous. He probably needs to win a few games on Super Sunday before he’s afforded that pass.

If Brady had broken the Lombardi Trophy in Tampa there were still six others he won that he didn’t break. From the looks of it, the Rams will have a great shot to repeat, as many of the team’s top players, including Aaron Donald, were yelling “run it back.”

Rams GM Les Snead’s shirt said it all. “F*#K them picks.”

With a loaded roster and capable QB, they have a great shot to do so.

After all the time and effort that went into the longest season in NFL history, Stafford and his Rams teammates were just enjoying themselves by celebrating hard with some vodka and cigars. 

Welcome to the good life.

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