Maroon 5 Can’t Find Super Bowl Halftime Performance Guests

We ain’t laughing at nobody’s pain, but we all kinda saw this coming.


Celebrities often live in such a charmed life, one in which they’re able to skirt along various socioeconomic and political lines to entertain the masses free of criticism or speculation.

However, even in a society that heavy on reveling in the contributions of musicians and actresses, Maroon 5‘s ignorance of current affairs appears to have exploded in their faces when they agreed to take the stage at during halftime Super Bowl LII in Atlanta.

Recently, the group admitted they’re having struggles securing guests to perform with them, according to US Weekly.

“No one wants to associate themselves with the NFL” in light of its response to Colin Kaepernick’s protest against police brutality. The group had hoped Cardi B would join them, “as of today, she’s not,” says the source. “She’s been going back and forth, but it’s a no right now.”

Indeed, the very same cult of personality mentality that has protected celebrities from mass public shaming for years has backfired on the group perhaps because Colin Kaepernick’s protest has garnered such international success that even individuals who may wish to perform as guests with Maroon 5 are now fearful of even being associated with the NFL for fear of being labeled anti-Kaepernick.

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