Mark Sanchez Finally Threw A Preseason TD…To The Opposing Team

Mark Sanchez is a seasoned pro raised on the football fields of California who has been playing football and attending passing camps since he could lift his head. Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah didn't learn how to put on pads until he arrived on BYU's campus a few years ago. On Friday night, Ansah was the one who had Sanchez looking like the novice.

The Jets offense went the entire 2012 preseason without scoring a single offensive touchdown, but on the first offensive series of the season, Sanchez threw a pick six to Ansah on a screen pass that didn't appear to have a target in the area. It was another peculiar decision that should have openned the door for Geno Smith to make his case for the starting job. Fortunately, for Sanchez Smith turned his ankle after going three and out on two out of his first three drives and Rex Ryan claimed to not to have seen the play occur.

Kellen Winslow Jr. saved Sanchez from commiting another turnover later in the quarter and Sanchez finally led a touchdown drive, but the damage has been done in the eyes of most Jets fans. This isn't the guy to lead them to the promised land.