“Mark Cuban Don’t Make Me Get U Smacked Boy”| Lil Wayne And Mark Cuban With Bored, Rich Guy Twitter Beef?

Lil Wayne and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban appear to be engaged in a little Twitter beef. In an apparent response to the Young Money rapper calling Mavericks’ superstar Luka Doncic a “ho” on Twitter, Cuban clapped back tweeting a picture of Wayne sitting courtside with a line from the rapper’s 2018 hit “Uproar.”

Then things took a bit of a turn. Wayne got aggressive and vulgar with a since-deleted tweet.

“Mark Cuban don’t make me get u smacked boy U playing w me??” Tunechi said. “I will piss in ya f’n mouth ho.”

To make sure he lived up to his many monikers Weezy F Baby, and the f was apparently for finisher or f**** you in this case.

Celebrities beefing online is nothing new and is good for a laugh. What do we really think either of these two are going to do when they run into each other in real life? Nothing.

Cuban has yet to respond as he’s back to tweeting about crypto and whatever else he feels the need to opine on.

Back to the matter at hand.

Fresh off their upset of the NBA’s No. 1 seed Phoenix Suns in the previous round, the Mavericks play game one of the western conference finals on Wednesday, against the current three-time NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

The Vegas oddsmakers have the Warriors as the title favorites (+150) and many NBA prognosticators agree, overwhelmingly picking the Warriors to come out on top in this series and defeat whomever emerges from the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat series in the east.

But the Mavericks have more than a fighter’s chance to upset the Warriors and advance to their first NBA Finals since winning it all in 2011 because of their 23-year-old superstar Luka Doncic.

He is averaging 31 points, 10 rebounds and six assists per game this postseason on 54 and 58 eFG% and TS%. He is masterfully controlling the game and if he can get his teammates going, they can beat the Warriors.

Defensively the Mavericks have carried over the #10 ranked aDRTG and are playing even better in the postseason. Over the final five games of their series against the Suns they’ve been the best defense in the postseason. Limiting the potent Suns’ offense to the worst unit of all remaining playoff teams.

The Warriors will present a different challenge entirely with their constant motion and multiple side actions. The Mavericks defense will needs to be even more locked-in and connected to slow down the Warriors.

Look for Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd to be quick to make adjustments, as he’s not married to any singular ideology. Whatever gets the job done will do, as he’s shown in these playoffs.

Expect Cuban to get a lot of face time in Dallas as he sits right next to the team bench, but he’ll likely be courtside in San Francisco as well. No doubt arguing about crypto or the next big wave to hit Silicon Valley, in between yelling at the refs when he feels his team’s been wronged.

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