Manny Pacquiao’s Gorilla Pimp

Manny Pacquiao recently announced that he signed a management agreement with Paradigm Sports Management.

The interesting part is that Paradigm’s formerly biggest client was none other than “The Notorious” Conor McGregor.

It is a strategic move to align with Audie Attar, the lead of the agency who’s shepherded McGregor’s meteoric rise. It was even bigger news in 2018 when Pacquiao announced he had signed an exclusive advisement arrangement with boxing svengali, Al Haymon.

As the force behind the Floyd Mayweather “Money” machine (pun intended), Haymon virtually controls boxing. With Pacquiao now aligned with boxing’s biggest advisor and managed by McGregor’s top consultant, he is positioning himself nicely.

At 42, the Phillippine Senator has no time to waste in finishing his career. Although, he makes being a boxing superstar seem normal. The multi-talented fighter has been a multi-hyphenate for a long time but has been overshadowed during the Mayweather era.

Now fully aligned with two combat sports heavyweights and out of his Top Rank contract with Bob Arum, Pacquiao is in the driver’s seat.

Both Haymon and Attar are fighter’s first operators. Ask any Haymon advised client or better yet just listen to their post-fight interviews. They thank God and then Al Haymon.

Attar has helped McGregor become a wealthy man in an unforgiving sport: MMA. There has never been a force of nature as bankable as McGregor in the sport, so much so that he has transcended into a global pop culture icon.

Outside the cage, McGregor has many lawsuits but in the boardroom, Attar keeps him rich. With the internet trolls already rubbing their hands and plotting a potential Pacquiao vs. McGregor super-fight, the move honestly just seems strategic and smart.

Pacquiao is currently the WBA (Super) champion and is on a three-fight win streak. With the next generation already clamoring to see him in the ring, time is of the essence to finish out an already guaranteed Hall of Fame career.

Pacquiao is executing a gorilla pimp on the fight game before he calls it a night and he is beginning to look like the smartest man in the room.

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