Ma$e Thinks Dwyane Wade Wearing Red Nail Polish “Is Like Seeing Jordan In Lingerie”

Dwyane Wade is living his best life, and the Miami Heat are memorializing his contributions to the franchise with a statue in front of the Kaseya Center. During Sunday’s game against the Hornets, Dwyane Wade was acknowledged in a special ceremony.

However, what turned heads were images of him wearing red nail polish on his fingernails. One of the more comical takes came from former rapper turned sports broadcaster Ma$e, who’s disappointed with Wade’s colorful embellishment.

“D. Wade, D. Wade…this is like seeing Jordan in lingerie its just crashing hard,” said Ma$e on his “It Is What It Is” podcast. It’s something you don’t want to see it just ruins everything for you. This is what I’d tell D. Wade, if you’re going to do your nails, do your hair, (then) do your lashes. Just go crazy. I would respect that more than just tip-toeing out. Go crazy.”

“You going viral today!” Cam’ron said laughingly about Ma$e’s take.

Unconventional Wade

Wade has been a fashion-forward person for years and has shown his affinity for individuality with his style. Interestingly, if it were another top-tier former NBA player like Dennis Rodman, it wouldn’t even become a talking point, based on the eccentric lifestyle he leads.

Attitudes about men having colorful nails are polarized according to generation. The practice is generally frowned upon from late Baby Boomers to early millennials. However, with cultural shifts and an emphasis on mental health and self-awareness, Generation Z and others have accepted the fullness of individual expression.

Ma$e’s comments cement that point as he was a staple item for the ’90s pop culture. However, today’s stars, from hip-hop to sports, all push boundaries in clothing, where a rap artist like Young Thug wore a dress for his “Jeffrey” album cover.

In MMA, black-painted fingernails and toenails are signature items from the desire to intimidate your opponent from a standing or grappling position. However, in basketball, flamboyance is the culture, and D. Wade only expresses how he currently feels: free.

Look no further than current Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler, who has changed his hairstyle and overall look for NBA Media Day as an annual ritual. He’s gone from dread implants to an almost anime-character look, polarizing the senses.

D. Wade wearing red-painted nails is merely self-expression, and if it hurts your sensibilities about how to look at a basketball player, it’s you, not them.

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