Listen UP: Snoop and Dam Funk’s 7 Days of Funk

    Anyone that likes to dance needs to go see Dam Funk spin, as his funk sets — usually at smaller venues — are legendary. It's like an EDM show without the wack music, mindless convulsing and cornballs. Dam, however, gets busy in the studio, too, forging a fruitful relationship with the boutique Stones Throw label five years ago (check Toeachizown). His brand of funk is like a modern, West Coast incarnation of that Dayton, Ohio grime that Zapp & Roger was throwin' down.

    Meanwhile, even though Snoop was a principal member of Death Row's G-funk takeover, folks tend to gloss over the fact that your man is among the funkiest artists of his generation. Although Snoop's late-career albums have all been uneven (some even flat), there's conspicuous evidence that he's a funk merchant. Check his Big Squeeze mixtape from the previous decade, wherein he produces much of the set under the alias "Niggaracci." There are moments on that mixtape that reek of funk.

    As such, it makes sense that these new funk stalwarts would get together for a collab. 7 Days of Funk is as mean as a Hollywood nun. Dam provides grimacing funk, while Snoop, going by Snoopzilla throughout, gets Bootsy Collins vibe on.

    This video below, for "Faden Away", is the album in a nutshell.