Lions’ RB David Montgomery And Girlfriend’s Dog Escapes Yard, Viciously Attacks Neighbor’s Dog

According to reports Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery and girlfriend Tatum Causey’s dog was involved in a biting incident with a smaller dog days after their move to Michigan this summer, according to reports.

Neighbor Claims Their Dog Was Attacked

Police documents say that Montgomery and Causey’s dog escaped the yard and attacked the neighbor’s smaller dog.

In video obtained by TMZ, Causey is seen explaining that she went inside her house asking if the dog was inside as she didn’t see her in the backyard.

“I go inside, literally opened the door and I said, ‘Anybody see Lola?'” she told an officer at the scene. “So, I’m looking in the backyard for her — she normally stays right in the backyard — but when I walk out, I see my brother carrying her.”

Another man, part of a group with Causey is also seen on the video saying Causey’s dog was in the yard playing with children, when asked by the police officer if the dog was being violent or aggressive.

Pit Bull Stereotypes

Montgomery and Causey’s dog, Lola, is a pitbull mix. Of course that breed conjures up all sorts of misinformed opinions and negative stereotypes. Most, if not all, proven to be untrue according to the ASPCA.

The neighbor’s claim as a result of the attack, their pup was diagnosed by the vet with two leg fractures. They also claimed it required stitches.

Causey was charged with misdemeanor harboring a vicious dog over the incident, though records show she pleaded not guilty to the count at a hearing in late June. The records show she’s due for another hearing on the incident in September.

As for Lola, it is unclear what happened to her. In a post on Causey’s Instagram from July, there was a carousel of pictures with Lola and an emotional caption that suggested Lola is no longer alive.

“So many quiet days just filled with your unconditional love. You are and always will be the best. My soul dog, I love you forever and ever my Lola Bear,” Causey posted on Instagram in July.

It is unclear if Lola is dead and if so, what led to her death. Was she put down because of the bite? Was she ill?

Montgomery and Causey have not said anything publicly about the situation.

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