Lillard, Bagley III Engaged In Lyrical Warfare During NBA Draft

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We knew the Western conference was competitive, but bruh.

Not that long ago the NBA was staunchly anti-hip-hop. The dress code change and the moratorium on NBA players pursuing rap careers were visceral with David Stern, the former NBA commissioner.

Now, years later, hip-hop is such a pervasive part in the lives of most of the players that that culture spills over into the NBA regularly.

It all started on First Take with Marvin Bagley III.

First Take on Twitter

Are we gonna see Marvin Bagley III and @Dame_Lillard go bar for bar on First Take one of these days? @MB3FIVE is ready whenever :eyes: https://t.co/6bITh8kX86

Once Dame Lillard heard his name it was on during draft night, releasing a diss track on soundcloud.

Damian Lillard on Twitter

??‍♂️ … https://t.co/5rKIMml501


Bagley hit back hard early Friday morning when he released “Checkmate,” which features a picture of him burping baby Damian Lillard.

Marvin Bagley III on Twitter

Checkmate by MB3FIVE

Stream Checkmate by MB3FIVE from desktop or your mobile device

“I said your name a couple of weeks ago, you been in a casket, and now you tryna rise up, I see you fakin’ a passion, I’m finna turn this Dame Dolla to chump change”

Talk to ’em, Rook.

He also went at Dame’s signature shoes.

“Adidas did send some Dames, but I thought they were wack, as soon as I opened the box, I sent them s–ts right back.”


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