“Dak Is Ass” | LeSean McCoy Says Cowboys Quarterback Is Holding The Team Back, Is He Right?

LeSean McCoy disses Dak Prescott

Former All-Pro running back and current NFL analyst for FS1 LeSean “Shady” McCoy doesn’t think Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is very good, and he should be better because he has the easiest job in football. Is Shady right, or is he a bad analyst and a hater?

“Dak is a–. Can I say that on TV, because he is a–/a–. … This is the second game he’s just lost by throwing picks. He threw two picks to the Packers, had a 14-point lead, lost. They was up 17 [against the Jaguars], 17 and lost. Dak has the easiest job in football.
“The picks he’s throwing, he’s not even trying to fit the ball through the needles or small little windows,” McCoy said. “These are like, easy passes. They run the ball well. What else can you do? I’m paying you $160 million, that’s how you play?”

The Cowboys were upset in overtime last week by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and a Prescott interception did seal the game for the Jaguars. It was a bad loss for a team looking to keep pace with the Philadelphia Eagles for the division title and a top spot in the NFC playoffs.

“I take every loss on the chin,” Prescott said. “I think that’s my job as the quarterback to put us in positions to win and eliminate the mistakes and the potential chances to allow them to score after turnovers. That’s what’s frustrating about it. Whether it’s a tipped ball, whether it’s an unfortunate interception, whatever it is, they all suck. And at the end of the day, I got to do a better job, and that’s where it is.”

Prescott leads all NFL starters with a 3.6% interception rate. But he also has the fourth-lowest sack rate among starters at 4.1%, higher than only Tom Brady (3.0%), Jared Goff (3.8%), and Patrick Mahomes (4.1%).

Prescott has only lost 65 yards on sacks in nine starts.

He has only fumbled twice this season, after leading the league in fumbles in 2018 (12) and 2021 (14). Yes his interceptions are up, but his overall turnovers are down, and he’s avoiding getting sacked and losing yardage.

Despite missing five games due to injury, Prescott is 11th in DVOA among all quarterbacks and has thrown 17 touchdowns.

Don’t forget Shady is a former Philadelphia Eagles player, and hate for the Cowboys runs deep even though his playing days are long gone. But his critique of Prescott is lazy.

It’s one thing for talking heads to bloviate and participate in the Kabuki theater that is sports television. But as a former player, an excellent one at that his analysis should be better.

What was the context of the interceptions? Did Prescott make a poor read or mistime his throw? Did he audible or run the play called? Should he have audibled?

Football is a game that allows real breakdown and analysis, which Shady is more than capable of providing.

But he’s following the blueprint that the stars of sports media have set. It really doesn’t matter what you say, as long as people are entertained.