LeSean McCoy Joins The List Of Misguided Disparaging Colin Kaepernick

NFL players are under a great deal of pressure these days.  As the league is forced to face itself in the mirror regarding Colin Kaepernick via the shadow of a looming nationwide protest, there will be many players who come to the defense of The Shield.  

A shield that does not properly warn players of the dangers of CTE, that peddles alcohol and regularly uses sex to sell its product has the audacity to demand anyone stand for anything but what they believe is not beyond moral reproach.  

But it is to be expected that well continue seeing players like LeSean McCoy speak out in favor of the status quo by attempting to discredit a dissenter.  Make no mistake, by being the catalyst for a wave of protests that have recently become multi-racial in makeup, Kaepernick is public enemy #1 for the National Football League right now.  

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Rally for Kap 2017

McCoy, believing himself to be living the dream, may not yet have the empathetic depth to see what is at stake due to the life his talent has afforded him via football.  I even touched on this phenomenon in an articled published here yesterday.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, McCoy agreed that Kap’s stance may have something to do with him not being signed. But he went on to state that him not being on a current NFL roster “also has a lot to do with his play.”

See, its this moment that it became difficult for me to believe that McCoy was being sincere in his criticism.  I mean, Gino Smith, Blake Bortles, Brock Osweiler and others can literally be scientifically proven to have never been better than Kaepernick at anytime in their careers. 

You mean to tell me the guy who went to the NFC Championship twice and went to a Super Bowl that saw him play admirably in defeat isnt in training camp after a season with a 90.7 passer rating with 16 passing touchdowns and only four interceptions to go with 468 rushing yards because he cant play?

 Like I said, thats where his entire argument fell apart and his words were revealed as nothing more than a smear campaign to curry favor with Massa.  I hated to write that last sentence about as much it likely hurt other LeSean McCoy fans to read.

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VIDEO: LeSean McCoy Says Colin Kaepernick Isn’t a Good Enough Player to Warrant Distraction https://t.co/3FSzbTBO3L

The dude still holds a record for playoff rushing yards by a quarterback, but hes not employed because he cant play? 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, of course.  But history will remember the negro shenanigans afoot in such comments. 


Nothing distracts me more during a football game than stupid beer commercials and ballooned bimbos parading across my screen. 

But LeSean wants to talk about distractions to the game? 

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