LeBron James Tweets Praise For Saquon Barkley Only To Get Hate From DeMarcus Lawrence | When Twitter Fingers Strike

By now, the world knows how much a football fan and savant LeBron James is. It is conceivable that the NBA’s only actively playing billionaire could have made an equally impressive run in the NFL. He pays attention to the game on the highest level, so it was no surprise when he reacted to the Cowboys vs. Giants Monday night game.

Although the game came down to the wire, the Cowboys got the win over the G-Men. However, one of the Dallas Cowboys’ most prominent supporters gave a member of the New York Giants a surprising shoutout.

“SAQUON IS BACK!!!!!!” LeBron James tweeted.

An avid Cowboys fan, James tweeted his support for a returning Saquon Barkley during the game after the Giants running back scored a touchdown. However, one of the Cowboys saw the praise and dropped some shade on it when DeMarcus Lawrence tweeted a simple “L” back at James.

In the words of Dave Chappelle’s version of Rick James: “Cold-Blooded.” Although it was a mic drop tweet, you can’t blame Lawrence, who is still energized off the work the ‘Boys have put in since Cowboys QB Dak Prescott has been listed on injured reserve since fracturing his right hand in Week 1. He has been waiting for the swelling to subside since having surgery to repair his right hand. Prescott did not practice again on Thursday, and he is reportedly unlikely to play Sunday against the Washington Commanders, a major NFL rivalry.

James’ love for Saquon was deserved, as Barkley was out with an injury and is now back during the 2022 season.

“This is the healthiest that Barkley has been entering an offseason maybe since his rookie year,” NJ.com said.

Barkley suffered a high-ankle sprain in Week 3 of his second season (2019) and likely wasn’t back to full strength at any point that season. He tore his right ACL in Week 2 of 2020, which cost him the rest of that season and kept him short of full strength to open 2021.

That was obvious in his usage and his efficiency. Barkley averaged just 12.5 carries and 4.4 targets per game in 2021, ranking 17th in opportunities per game. Over his first two seasons, though, Barkley averaged 16.5 carries and 6.7 targets per contest. Those 23.2 opportunities per game would have ranked fourth last season.

Barkley’s 3.7 yards per rush in 2021 fell way short of his rates in each of his first two years. He also posted significantly lower numbers in Pro Football Focus’ yards after contact per attempt, missed tackles forced, yards per route run, breakaway percentage, and elusive rating.

Barkley has had a rough start to his career due to injury and has found new life to start the season, so rooting for Barkley’s comeback isn’t a full pivot from his love for the Cowboys; just a little treacherous. James has also rooted for the Cleveland Browns and, of course, the Ohio State Buckeyes as a native son of Ohio. Now Lawrence and the rest of Cowboy nation need to get over it.

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