“It’s Dirty … All Money Ain’t Good Money, Man” | Stephen A. Smith Says Brett Favre Should Be Removed From Hall of Fame

The saga of Brett Favre’s alleged dishonest dealings with public funds has ballooned as his charity has also been found to have made some shady dealings with the University of Mississippi. Favre’s charity, “Favre 4 Hope,” is now alleged to have given money to the school, the same organization he attempted to appropriate state welfare funds to for a volleyball facility.

The foundation, which aims to raise and distribute money to help “disadvantaged and disabled children and breast cancer patients” from 2018 to 2020, gave nearly $133,000 to Southern Mississippi athletics.

The tax records were discovered by media outlets and showed that in three consecutive fiscal years, Favre’s charity donated five-figure sums to the school, which is his alma mater. The charity donated $60,000 in 2018, $46,817 in 2019, and $26,175 in 2020.

There is speculation about his Hall of Fame placement with the allegations over his head.

“If that’s the case, what is this man going to be doing in the Hall of Fame if these allegations are found to be true,” said Stephen A. Smith. “He has to be removed from the Hall of Fame, without question.”

The amounts were considerably smaller that were given to charities whose missions actually more closely aligned with the purpose of Favre 4 Hope, such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Pink Ribbon Fund.

“I know how to do without. I can sit up there today and guess what, I can lose everything,” Smith continued. “I’ll survive because I know how to do without and I’m not cheating, I’m not stealing, I’m not robbing, I’m not doing anything to take away from the desolate and disenfranchised. If I can’t make it on my own in a healthy fashion that doesn’t bleed from others, that I will do. If it bleeds from others it’s dirty. All money ain’t good money, man.”

Favre currently is embroiled in a civil case in Mississippi as the state has sued Favre and others in an attempt to recover more than $20 million in misspent welfare money. The lawsuit addresses the allegation that Favre funneled state welfare funding through a nonprofit to construct a new volleyball facility at the University of Southern Miss, where Favre’s daughter played.

Favre continued to press state officials for University of Southern Mississippi volleyball facility funding months after being told by then-Gov. Phil Bryant that misuse of funds could be illegal, according to text messages added to a court filing.

Now the trickle-down effect is happening across Favre’s post-NFL career.

SiriusXM was planning a weekly radio show hosted by Hall of Fame quarterback but is now placing it on hold in the wake of Favre’s alleged involvement in the spending of Mississippi welfare money.

A company spokesman confirmed the decision to the media on Sunday. Favre has made appearances on “The SiriusXM Blitz With Brett Favre and Bruce Murray” program since 2018. Additionally, the move comes after a spokesperson for ESPN Milwaukee revealed that it was pausing Favre’s weekly appearances on the station.

Now calls for Favre’s bust to be removed from Canton, Ohio are louder and the reasons are even more glaring.

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