LeBron Says He Has “Nothing But Respect” For The Departed Kyrie

The basketball world has been waiting for LeBron James to speak on the Kyrie Irving diss. Irving, who basically told the world he despised playing with King James by requesting a trade, ended up on the Celtics. Last night Irving was basically swapped for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, leaving LeBron with some new pieces. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

Kyrie Irving is now a Boston Celtic: https://t.co/9sJ5zuybtb

King James didnt seem too upset about the turn of events, even wishing his former teammate well on Twitter. 

LeBron James on Twitter

That’s the only way to be to the kid! Special talent/guy! Nothing but respect and what a ride it was our 3 years together Young Gode #Filayy https://t.co/wKYmYsmdgG

The Twitter feeds of NBA players around the league was lit. Dwyane Wade, who rumor has it will end up in Cleveland for a reunion with LeBron, chimed in. 

DWade on Twitter

Dwight Howard felt the deal is game-changing. 

Dwight Howard on Twitter

Wooahhhh !! i.e. #GameChangerDeal https://t.co/g9xzXEaBIx

Lou Williams thinks Irving for Thomas is an even swap. 

Lou Williams on Twitter

Yikes. Even swap you ask me

Evan Turner felt like the Celtics did Isiah Thomas dirty, considering how he sacrificed for the organization and was the main reason that they won the Eastern regular season title over Cleveland. 

Evan Turner on Twitter

Damn dog, my guy I.T. Deserve better. I understand it’s a business but that dude did a lot of the organization. Only going to get better!

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