LaVar Ball Says BBB Was “Bit By A Snake” But Is Still Good

With all of the drama surrounding Big Baller Brand, LaVar keeps it LaVar.

We all know about LaVar Ball and his family, thanks to LaVar himself.

But over the last few weeks, things haven’t been that good for him and his business venture, Big Baller Brand as it was learned that his partner, Alan Foster, couldn’t account for $1.5 million of Lonzo’s money. That’s when things went south quickly.

Lonzo severed ties with Foster, scrubbed BBB from his IG page, posted a Nike like image of himself on IG and then even covered up the BBB tattoo on his arm with a set of dice.

As this unfolded, LaVar jumped to his son’s defense.

“I’ve always believed in the best in people. Regretfully, I put my complete trust in Alan Foster to manage my son’s business affairs,” said LaVar in a statement issued to ESPN. “At the end of the day, family comes first, and I support Zo wholeheartedly. Together, we will make this right.”

But making it right is tough to visualize for many, especially after Lonzo erased BBB mentions from his life. So LaVar warmed up the vocals again, taking to 98.5 in Las Vegas to let everyone know that Big Baller Brand would be balling along despite the drama.

“I’m not gonna let one roodypoo guy come in here and do something bad and then be like the brand’s not good,” said Ball in the interview. “The brand is good. It’s just somebody did something bad to it … We had a snake up in the thing, but you gotta understand this — I’m a snake charmer. When you’re a snake charmer, you’re gonna get bit.”

Many would find the words “snake charmer” perfect to describe LaVar, but you know he wouldn’t care. He’ll keep it moving, which is exactly what he did by proclaiming that Big Baller Brand All-American Game, which was scheduled for this weekend, would go ahead as planned.

“The game is definitely still happening,” said LaVar to 98.5. But he wouldn’t confirm if his three sons, Lonza, LiAngelo and LaMelo, would attend.

Can BBB survive without it’s main face? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, LaVar won’t be toning things down despite the circumstances.

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