LaVar Ball’s New Tweet Aimed At Trump Is So Hilariously Brilliant

We know LaVar Ball is a master of marketing and promotion, and no matter what you think of him, he really does know what he’s doing.

After standing up to Trump over the release of his son from prison in China, Trump took the bait dangled in front of him and was swiftly dragged into LaVar’s whirlwind strategy of marketing and PR, generating millions of dollars in PR for the Big Baller Brand in the form of a Twitter spat. 

Then, after the media frenzy around the situation involving LiAngelo and his Bruins teammates in China started to subside, LaVar dropped another gem on everyone when he got LiAngelo and LaMelo an agent so that they could skip college and play ball overseas. 

But LaVar wasn’t done.

Needing to top that news, LaVar took aim at Trump again, this time with a brilliant and hilarious tweet of him dunking on the president.

The Shadow League on Twitter

OMG, look at the GIF that @Lavarbigballer just posted of him “dunking” on Donald Trump!

Will Trump take the bait? Can’t you see him seething over this with his finger on the “send” button on Twitter? Yeah, we can too. 

But no matter the response, LaVar continues to push the envelope and dominate the headlines.

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